Pick The USC-UNLV Score

USC is a huge favorite against UNLV and this game is really about forging an identity. Remember last year USC struggled against Western Michigan in the first game.

It won’t be as hot Saturday and UNLV might be worse but this is a game to boost JT Daniels’ confidence and get experience for young defensive players like cornerback Greg Johnson and safety Isaiah Pola-Mao.

I expect USC to look sloppy at times, especially since the coaching staff has not changed. But just how sloppy? If USC can appear to be look like an organized team, that is a step forward. But if it resembles the worst aspects of last year’s team, it will be an ominous start.

My pick: USC 34, UNLV 13

Who do you like?


34 thoughts on “Pick The USC-UNLV Score

    1. I don’t think that SC with a freshmen QB amd questions in the defensive back field can put up 45 on any FBS team right now. UNLV offense avg about 30 ppg last year and they are better now. Defensively they have more dept up front this year and they only lost 1 corner from last year. My score 31 to 24 SC.

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      1. Always nice to hear the opposition weigh in. But obviously you haven’t watched much of JT. As a freshman in high school, playing in what most consider the best conference in the country, he took over mid-game and never looked back.
        As far as your ppg, well let’s just say this isn’t the MWC.

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    1. You are out of your mind if you think SC is going to put up 50 or more points on anybody with a rookie QB and questions on their defense.


      1. How many points are you expecting the db’s to score. Questions on defense are what every single team in the nation is experiencing today. What about the unlv defense, no questions there? Will they show up?


  1. The O-line plays like trash, and the secondary gets burned a few times for not knowing what their doing and gets their usual allotment of stupid penalties USC 27-13. Oh, the play calling will be of Lane Kiffin pad-the-stats for the glory players. Remember game 1 last year.

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  2. The score will be 6 to 6 UNLV will be declared the winner when after six overtime tries they go with a coin toss and we choose tails. You can put money on that.

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  3. Hopefully a big lead after three quarters to see Fink and Sears in action
    during the 4th qtr. throwing some passes not handing off on every play.
    Saw Coach Helton at the Pasadena QB club on Friday. He talks for about
    ten minutes then answers many questions that are irrelevant. Wolf not there, but Garry P., Ryan Abraham, and Joey Kaufman in attendance.

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