It’s USC-UNLV Game Day!

Photo/Jon SooHoo

USC’s first game is finally here.

What kind of crowd will show up? The over/under is 50,000 (actual crowd not announced).

Will JT Daniels look crisp or a little raw today?

Remember I will be posting game updates on my twitter account here.

You can also post game coments here.


15 thoughts on “It’s USC-UNLV Game Day!

      1. Mike, I am glad we won but the score doesn’t reflect the game overall. USC ALWAYS has talent because great players want to play there and that’s because they know they’ve got a good shot for the NFL. Helton is a nice guy and a decent man but I still don’t see him as the ‘head coach’ of USC even if we were to go 12-0 beat the Pac-12 Champion in the CCG. Stanford will be a real test next week and TX will be if only for Tom Herman to justify his arrogant attitude since last September and esp. since he lost 2 years in a row to MD. Even allowing for victories in both I truly sense Helton will never know how to utilize the talent he has – he’s a nice guy that fell into a huge vat of talent called USC – if Clay Helton coached anywhere else he’d be directed to the coal chute.


      2. Alv —I’ve re-watched the game. And maybe Coach Helton had this team (except for the o-line, that is) as ready as they could be for their opener. Maybe we all expected a bit too much from a team with so many freshman in key roles. [But, as I said, that doesn’t excuse uneven play by our mostly veteran o-line. It’s unbelievable that those guys are still playing so sloppily]……..


  1. I hate Stanford, but i hope they ramrod is hard next week, it forces Lynn Swann to pull the trigger andb Helton doesn’t travel with the team back to LA.


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