Bubba Bolden Sighting

Suspended USC safety Bubba Bolden was in the McKay Center locker room today. Does this mean he might be coming back to the team? I guess we will find out later today.


10 thoughts on “Bubba Bolden Sighting

  1. Keep us posted, please. I’m sure you will…I have been in prayer on this matter since my scrape with you know who⬆️ on August 31, 2018….I am most interested in His answer….


    1. I don’t think So So ever read your update tagged to your original story before he improperly impugned you…..”updated” tagged on the original story that same night above: “Now Starting Safety Bubba Not Playing Saturday.”


      1. You can see it under “Related” above at the bottom of his original report….it’s why I said, “good hustle, Scott”


  2. Seeing how this has worked out in the past, Bolden looked at a girl and she took it the wrong way. She went to the Liberal Title IX Amazon Les#o Board and complained. SC bent over like the wimp they are and sold out Bolden without going through an investigation. They told Bolden you are off the team until the girl likes you or you grovel in front of the Title IX board. That sounds about right.


  3. That he was on campus means the school has allowed him to be on campus. Maybe the he said she said situation is the right guess. Still with sword of Damocles hanging over him it would be nice to clear things up.

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