USC National Title Odds Drop

USC’s national title odds were 40/1 last week at the Las Vegas Super Book. But those odds are now 50/1.

Do you blame them after the UNLV game?

Here are the rest of the odds:

Alabama 7/4

Clemson 7/2

Ohio State 6/1

Georgia, Auburn 8/1

Oklahoma,  Notre Dame 15/1

Washington, , Wisconsin 20/1

Michigan 25/1

Penn State 30/1

Michigan State 40/1

LSU, Miami, Texas, USC 50/1

Mississippi State, Stanford, Virginia Tech, West Virginia 60/1

Central Florida, Florida, Florida State, Nebraska, Oregon, TCU, Texas A&M 100/1


11 thoughts on “USC National Title Odds Drop

    1. Agree. And it’s incredible that Penn St is still at 30/1 after almost losing to an FCS school.
      I think USC’s drop is more due to Washington losing to Auburn and hurting the Pac12 chances as a whole.


  1. Scoots,
    We all know this brings you great joy. It has zero influence on the national championship, but if it can’t be negative it can be “reported”.

    Isn’t there a statue you can blog about, or stuff for sale in the team store. Stick to the hard hitting stories!


  2. Math is a tricky thing; the odds of Stanford winning the National Championship are 60 to 1 those same odds makers have USC at 50 to 1. So how is USC 3.5 points underdogs?
    For mathematicians, math is also greedy. Math has all of the numbers from zero to infinity on the right side of a number line and from zero to negative infinity on the left. But Math isn’t happy with just numbers. Math wants all 26 letters of the alphabet upper and lower case. And you’d think having double infinity plus fifty-two letters would be enough, but no math wants Greek letters too. Talk about having your π and eating it 2!


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