Someone Tell USC That Pat Casey Retired

Oregon State baseball coach Pat Casey announced his retirement today. He won three College World Series titles, went to the CWS six times and won 900 games.

But . . . he is only 59 years old. Casey is not a big-city guy. However, what does it cost USC to make a run at Casey for its baseball job?

I can think of two reasons from people within the athletic dept.: USC does not want to pay off current coach Dan Hubbs. USC does not want to pay top dollar for a coach.

When did USC become so cheap?


20 thoughts on “Someone Tell USC That Pat Casey Retired

  1. Pat Casey is drained and, obviously, needs a year off. Recognizing this, I’m very confident that our Athletic Director will make contact with Pat and begin laying the groundwork to bring him aboard in 2020.

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      1. Alv —I’d sure like another WS title—–and Casey could make it happen. It’d be cool if Lynn gave Pat a month or two to fish and golf —and then let him know we’d like to be first in line when he feels like coming back.


    1. I believe you’re right and Pat will be the next baseball coach but it’ll be Pat Haden. USC will make the announcement after a thorough nationwide search. Oh, yeah, he’ll also be the new head of the medical school and the new president designate. Pat will graciously accept the positions if only he’ll be allowed to head a couple of foundations as well so him and his family can siphone off scholarship money. A win win win win.

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      1. Head Baseball Coach? Check! Dean of Medical School? Check! President of the University? Double Check!!


  2. If a person retires at 59 is there an issue with his health? Either way USC always has to dance carefully when courting a coach. I’d love to see a change for the positive in baseball.

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    1. No health issues, Steve. Like so many top coaches, Casey has pushed himself to the point where he needs a breather. At his press conference, he as much as said so. He just wants to live like a normal human being for a bit before he gets back on the treadmill.


  3. Stephen,

    Even though I live in Pasadena and have been to all of the hotels there, I for one would not even associate myself with anything that is not above board. What the dr.’s did was horrible. They thought they were above the law and could not be touched. They got touched and hopefully will be thrown in jail. It is easy for a dr. with their credentials to sway an innocent lady by saying they “need” to examine areas where they really don’t. However, the dr’s. need to be above board because people put their trust in them. However, they were taken advantage of. That goes against my grain.


    1. I know, Pasadena Trojan….sorry, I know you have big shoulders and might reply to it kindly which you have…..I like your comments even though we may debate in good spirit, sometimes….for the record, you weren’t there, big fella….


      1. Many of us,including me, has had our hotels, but we weren’t passing GHB to our dates like it was candy, all while leading the university medical department….


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