Clay Helton Addresses Playcalling

Clay Helton said today that Tee Martin is the sole playcaller this season.

“Tee’s calling it all,” Helton said. “He does a good job . . . Tee’s doing a great job of calling.”

Then Helton was asked if this was different than last season?

“Last year Tee called it and Tyson (Helton) and I would chime in,” Helton said.


14 thoughts on “Clay Helton Addresses Playcalling

  1. Well ok then Helton is a ‘manager’ just taking a ‘peek’ now and then. I’m not so worried about the offense as I am the defense – is Prendergast the one calling all schemes or is Helton involved with that? Last year esp. against WA St. (loss) and near losses (TX, UT and AZ) the defense had no idea how to shove the knife in and finish the foes off. Let’s hope there is an awareness Saturday early evening (5:30 pm Fox).

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  2. Helton would have never admitted to who was calling the plays except for the interview Swann gave back in August. I believe it may have been with the Sports Business Daily where he said, “You hire someone to call the plays and let that person do their job.”

    Swann said it last month and I wouldn’t be surprised if he prodded Helton to clarify publicly who is responsible for the playcalling now.

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  3. SCooter and Coach Helton, Two word for play calling: It sucks. Yes, I can call a better game than Martin and I have been away from playing the game for a very long time. But everyone knows that olinemen (which I was) are the smartest players on the field. Martin has all the tools to run a power offense which the oline is built for but he runs this candy a#s offense that the oline are having a hard time to adjust to. When SC runs up the gut, they are successful. That is due to the oline getting off the line and moving people. When oline has to go sideways, they lose the point of attack and momentum and get pushed back. Who ever has the first step on the other player will when the battle of the line. When a linemen goes sideways, there is no step for them to go forward, all they can do is seal or hopefully make the turn and then hit someone. If the point of contact is when the linemen are going sideways, then the linemen want to hit the guy into the sidelines. Martin’s offense does not help the oline, it make their job harder because the attack point is non-existent. They just hit something and fall down. Either Callaway does not know this or he is too scared to tell Martin to pull his head out and make it easier for the oline.


  4. Helton is a loser. It’s pathetic that Swann is so incredibly weak that he lets this mummer’s farce play on. Helton and that entire staff are a joke and way over their heads. If Helton was fired what major program would hire him as head coach? Ummmm none. That’s the true test of your coach sucks. If no one in the top 25 would touch him…


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