If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

USC-Stanford is one of the biggest games in the nation on Saturday but what exactly are the stakes?

USC beat Stanford last year and the Cardinal still won the Pac-12 North. The Trojans could lose tomorrow and easily win a Pac-12 South that already looks weak after one week: See Arizona and UCLA.

So whatever happens, it’s not really going to earth shattering.

  • Tomorrow’s game at Stanford Stadium will return USC coach Clay Helton to the scene of one his most controversial decisons: Remember whenHelton punted on fourth down at the Stanford 44-yard line with USC trailing by 17 and nine minutes left?

Of course, he also decided to start Max Browne at quarterback for that game, the worst decision of his career. Sam Darnold started the following week against Utah.

  • USC has three offensive line starters with nagging injuries: center Toa Lobendahn (pectoral strain), right tackle Chuma Edoga (hip) and left tackle Austin Jackson (knee tendinitis). All three should be able to play against Stanford. Edoga has had the hip issue for awhile but seemed to always battle nagging injuries last season too.
  • Where would USC be without Mater Dei players? JT Daniels, Amon-Ra St. Brown and Chase McGrath were probably the top three players against UNLV.
  • This is a huge game for Stanford tailback Bryce Love. He gained only 29 yards against San Diego State last week and was not 100 percent with a sprained ankle in the Pac-12 title game vs. USC.
  • Tickets for the USC-Colorado game on Oct. 13 start at $16 on StubHub.com.
  • USC and Stanford both list the all-time series record at 62-32-3. But the schools got there by different paths.
Stanford does not recognize the 1918 game, because it says it sent its SATC (Student Army Training Corps) team, not its official team. USC counts the 25-8 victory. Of course, Stanford sent them all the way to Pasedena for the game. USC had to vacate the 2005 victory (while Stanford kept the loss).
For a while of course, Stanford counted its three rugby victories as part of its football record v. USC.  It stopped doing that a few years ago.  However, they STILL count rugby in toting up Big Game totals v. Cal, as well as its overall “football” record.

26 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. Pudly —not a single prognosticator picks USC tomorrow. This has the potential to become Helton’s defining moment —-the moment that got away from him against Alabama and Ohio State. He’s playing Shaw in Shaw’s backyard with a freshman quarterback. As somebody pointed out,
      I was [perhaps justifiably, perhaps not] annoyed at the first half play calling against UNLV. I believed we could have bombed them early and gotten it over with. Ellis has said that they wanted to get J. T. comfortable before taking risks. Okay. But tomorrow’s game is ALL about going for it —open up the offense against Stanford and they won’t be able to catch up running Love. I don’t want to see us nursing a less than touchdown lead late in the fourth quarter —-cuz that’s exactly the recipe for a loss at Palo Alto.

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      1. Lovin’ it Mike! yes! I too believe a ‘beatdown’ is imminent’ not because Helton is a better coach than Shaw (may/may not be) rather the overall talent is seemingly missing at Stanford and if Love get’s bottled up it’s over. This is Helton’s team and ‘if’ he wins and does so convincingly, I see the same @ TX. First things first – win that coin flip – defer receipt to 2nd half and go right at Love hard. This is what this series is all about – win or lose and if the latter, absorb it while the victor sails on.

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      2. Alv —I’m in total agreement. Lots of people keep talking about how many games Stanford has won over the last 10 years. Well, we were getting off killer probation for half of them —and we’ve more than held our own since. Let’s see how those guys do when we’re at full strength.

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  1. Hey wolf!……you stupid idiot. The team that lands on the short end is more than likely out of the CFP race. Sounds like a lot is at stake.


    1. We must agree in prayer to change the odds…that no matter what might be predetermined by the world, we stand against it to the Creator….He cares about everything we care about. It is His way. Have you prayed for our players and our coaches? Have you forgot? Have you laughed at Me? Do you disbelieve? What’s your deal?


      1. Look Mike I like a lot of what you post ‘but’ do you truly – actually – really believe God gives a rip who wins this game? You actually think there are no ‘real believers’ on both sides of this match-up? I know you don’t. It reminds me of that anecdotal story of the high school/college basketball player who, after putting in a significant time practicing, asks the campus chaplain Fr. McHugh “Father, if I pray will God give us victory?” Fr. McHugh replies “Yes Fred…if you practice!” I see all these ‘born again humps’ point to heaven when they hit a homer or score a touchdown or make an incredible slap shot or basket or a goal…but I never see the same when said effort fails. I really believe God has little, mind you I didn’t say ‘no’, interest in sports ‘but’ I truly believe it is little if any. You don’t think those ‘fighting Nigerians’ didn’t think the same in 2005 at the infamous ‘Bush Push’? Of course, they did! – get a life Steve – quit living and dying based on what USC football does or does not and please don’t come back with the ‘patented’ “…bringing the sheaves ‘pro-test-ant’ (masking itself as “EEE-van-gell-est-ka”) anti-Papist idiocy – concern yourself with the relatives and friends who don’t know HIM and let the talent prove itself on the ‘green’!


      1. A good troll once in a while throws something constructive into the argument. That seems to be out of your sphere though so it looks like Pudley and MG have you pegged pretty well. Wearing that “L” on your forehead for game day?

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  2. Where would SC be without Darnold? Where would they be without Daniels? (like that you’re now on his bandwagon – there’s plenty of room!) Where would Alabama be without all those 5-star players? Where would Clemson be without that D-Line? The answer? This is not fantasy land, Scottie. Recruiting is a thing – it’s a part of the process. And Clay is damned good at it. So is Saban. Sorry that there’s not a “fair” draft of HS players by which you could fairly judge the performance of each coaching staff.

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  3. Game Day is sooooo far up the sEc’s rear that they will have their Game Day at aTm who are playing Clemson. This is a non-conference game. However, you have two top 20 teams opening up league play where in the last few years the games have been intense. ESPN, NIKE, Pelosi, Feisntein, Schumer, and all the rest of the social commies can stick it up where the sun does not shine.


  4. I watch college football to be entertained and see exciting athleticism and for a team to play above their level and beat the better teams who were favored on paper.


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