My USC-Stanford Pick

I could make a case for USC and Stanford to win this game. I think the Cardinal’s pro-style offense actually plays into USC’s hands because it allows the Trojans to play a more conventional defense.

USC is also bolstered by the fact this is JT Daniels’ second game and he should be more comfortable with all the receivers. And despite being on the road, Stanford Stadium is not that hostile an atmosphere, especially when classes do not start until Sept. 24.

In Stanford’s favor, quarterback K.J. Costello should be better than he was at the Pac-12 title game and is better than Keller Chryst, who faced USC last season at the Coliseum. Stanford, unlike UNLV, should be a two-dimensional offense.

When you factor that in, and the fact USC has not yet abandoned its sloppiness from last season, I will go narrowly with Stanford, 27-24.



15 thoughts on “My USC-Stanford Pick

  1. Trojans —where is the anger? Scott just picked the evil team to triumph.
    It’s important that we respond in big numbers.


    1. I’m with you, Ken. No one saw this coming.
      Stanford is gonna rush 5 on our first couple of series. Hope our 0-line keeps them off J. T.


  2. Well he’s entitled to his opinion. Now I am actually wondering if Scott’s anonymous source works at the white house? Maybe he has an inside track to Helton too.

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  3. USC wins in spite of and because of Helton. He has stabilized the locker room and the media. Any attention directed by the animus LA Times has no gravitas specific to sports as to other matters well……nonetheless a victory this evening will be the vault launch Helton needs prior to going to TX next week. First things first – win this evening and force WA and Stanford thrash it out while fending off OR. There is no other school in the south with anywhere near the same prowess as those three up north.

    USC 35 Stanford 17

    MI St. @ AZ St. 7:45 pm kickoff

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  4. 1,2,3 Defense!
    1,2,3, Clancy!
    1,2,3, Trojans!

    I’m in a good mood, Fox is all for Stanford.They have the right to believe we will lose.
    But F*ck all that!

    WE ARE!!!!SC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

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      1. Hey Mike,
        Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I was chatting for a while on the OS before heading to my pals at halftime.
        The Oline is soft. That’s what happens when not going after the best Coaches available, you mix in family or close friends and end up with Callaway who hasn’t showed any toughness from his SEC days. Our Oline let me down because they dont have any attitude in the way they block.
        Still as bad as they were this game was ours for the taking because they weren’t all that good. Did you see how many times they held our players and they ran for big yards. In front of the refs too. Having watched last weeks game in person and screaming at guys because of dropped balls, I think that was what lost the game before anything else. We had drives going in the first half and guys dropped passes like they were nervous. They added up quick. Then Vaughns finally catches one and he drops the next. With Daniels be so young those were chances that were more significant than most thought. Vavae ran the ball good and Carr did too, then Petite and Vaughns drop some of the most catchable balls you’ll see.
        This game is on those WR’s 1st. Oline is definitely up there, but they did enough in the 1st half when guys dropped passes and either stopped drives or just f*cked up the rhythm and momentum.

        Helton is in trouble now. Texas won. This game is a high profile national game. He better call pops or whomever he has too to get some good advice because we are not clicking in any area as a team


  5. As usual, Helton screwing us. Should have punted on 4th with 1:35 left. Stanford had not been driving . Now we are likely in a hole that will.force us to be one dimensional passing in an attempt to catch up.

    It’s pretty easy to coach against CH. Takes risk at wrong times. Is predictable. Secondary is playing soft zone and they’re eating snacks around us.

    So sad.

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