Pick The USC-Stanford Score

OK, it’s time to pick the score for tonight’s game at Stanford Stadium. I will offer my pick later today but I feel this is a tough one. It could go either way. Who do you like?


31 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Stanford Score

    1. 35-28 USC, young Mr Daniels, gets it done with help from the running backs. Trojan “D” steps up, but Stanford scores, late third, fourth quarter, not enough to best U.S.C!


  1. It’s on the farm…no home field advantage…best coach in the Pac 12 vs. the other coach…so there’s that…three best skill position players in the game all on the same team…coordinators, not-too special teams coach, OL coach, the same as last year on one of these teams…
    Stanford 34-SC 23


    1. On the one hand, Scott would love to pick AGAINST USC (think of the sheer # of hits you get for that simple act). On the other hand, it will feel perverse to Scott to AGREE with Cowherd.

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  2. I think we’ve turned a corner against Stanford and I felt that way before the first game last year. I feel like we outclass them and I’d be making a money line bet if I was in Vegas this weekend.

    I know everyone is thinking about young Daniels and how he’ll perform, but I’m expecting Cam Smith to lead the team today. I didn’t see how Cam would translate in the NFL last year and I like him so much, I just didn’t talk about it. However, he obviously went into the lab and he came up with a formula I can work with. I saw him consistently getting to spots he wasn’t able to get to last year. The fact that it was against UNLV has no bearing on what I’m talking about either. He’s just a football player’s football player and he now has what looks like fairly substantially improved lateral quickness. That took real thought, real work and it’s the kind of thing that makes me think the lights are mostly on at NFL U.

    So, I’m calling Cam Smith out specifically today. Your combine numbers won’t do it for you and tonight is the first of your last big interviews. Every game is a big game, but how many games like this do you have left? Bryce needs a big game, you need a big game against him, but ask yourself who needs it more. You know the answer, play accordingly.

    As far as the team goes, I would just remind them that L.A is a company town. The Dodgers are making a run at a World Series, The Rams are making a run for a Super Bowl and The Lakers… well, yeah. Anyway, there ain’t enough limelight for you to shine if you aren’t putting on a show. You guys are thoroughbreds and you looked like mules last week. You have the stage for now and you better move the crowd tonight.

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    1. Christian Rector had that breakout game and, in particular, play against TX last year this very week. I hope to see him replicate his skill against the red men uhhmmm birds.

      I see a USC victory based on a lot of what you listed Clay me lad. BTW don’t count the LAA out for next year – …fish or cut bait for Ohtani….give those new arms Eppler picked and have a new manager who will dump fatty Pujols through ‘forced’ retirement.

      I like the Chargers save for Phillip Rivers – when the entire season mattered late last year @ KC he was absolutely awful – get rid of him.

      Hey CO defeated NE @ NE!


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