USC-Stanford Preview

I discuss the USC-Stanford game and talk about the general state of the Pac-12 with Mark Rogers here.


22 thoughts on “USC-Stanford Preview

    1. If Chip Kelly gets the other JD, Jayden Daniels, Cajon High School San Bernardino, we’re gonna be in for a fight….he’s the most explosive qb I’ve seen in the west this year….easy….if Mater Dei had him, they’d score even more than they already do, and at 6’ 3”, he’s awesome and only going to get better….


      1. Murrieta Valley beat Sam Darnold’s and Jack Sears’ high school, San Clemente, tonight, 55-38…….Last week, Cajon San Bernardino beat Murrieta Valley 57-28 at Murrieta Valley…Evidently, San Clemente ran out of something, but Cajon San Bernardino is seriously OFFENSIVE lol….Darren Jones is Cajon’s 6’ 8” wide receiver favoring Utah….Jayden Daniels, Cajon’s qb, favors the Bruins….two prime time local players that we’re possibly going to have to face in the PAC 12 south…..


      2. MOST CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOL NFL DRAFT PICKS SINCE 2006: 1. Long Beach Poly-9 2. TIE Serra Gardena-7 Concord De La Salle-7 3. TIE Colton-6 Dorsey-6…….Mater Dei not listed….


      3. Serra Gardena didn’t pass Colton and Dorsey until this year, 2018, with 2 players drafted: Rasheem Green and Jordan Lesley…..Colton High, which is located between Rialto and San Bernardino, doesn’t have near the resources as Mater Dei….and that’s a massive understatement!


  1. As usual Wolf, you are probably the most Debby Downer person I can recall. Also, it appears your blog has now been taken over by a troll, the former Charlie Bucket who is obsessed with all things USC. Charlie also supported HRC, his “Queen.” He has never been the same since. Your blog is now essentially worthless. Oh that’s right, you don’t read the comments.


  2. Great to finally see Alicia from The Reign of Troy podcast! She’s awesome…. love what she and her partner do. Solid analysis.


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