About USC’s Playcalling

Last week, Clay Helton said offensive coordinator Tee Martin calls the plays.

“Last year Tee called it and Tyson (Helton) and I would chime in,” Helton said.

So I decided to find out who called plays against Stanford?

I was told Martin calls the plays but Helton and QB coach Bryan Ellis also chime in too. I don’t think they are calling as many plays as Helton and his brother did last season but it still sounds like it is more than a one-person operation.


18 thoughts on “About USC’s Playcalling

  1. Just more evidence of the incompetency of this staff, the lack of leadership from the head coach and lack of interest from the AD.

    ONE guys calls the plays with the coach as final authority on crucial calls. With this clown, we have three idiots calling plays instead on one idiot, brilliant !

    Too many cooks spoil the broth, but on the Goodship Gomer, everyone calls plays !

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    1. Behold, I stand at the door 🚪 and knock, Budda…your cup runneth over…we all have corrections we want to see made. That’s part of life. But, find time to pray for His help, in addition to your own efforts….for example, pray for our people and our resources who face Florence in the east, and see victory in the morning…CNN has sent their top 3 prophets there, in person, to catalogue the devastation…I stand against them, so lives are saved and supplies are not depleted…


  2. DW Inc. feel like Clay should take back playcalling himself to right the ship. I have no way to assess the quality of Tee’s calls, but the proof is generally in the pudding. I’d like to see Clay go the way of Sean McVay and make the calls… What do you think?


    1. Who knows if that would be better? On a continuum, I think all of our offensive coaches are more “gut and feel” than “thinking and logic” in nature. I’m not sure where the offense itself comes from, but I think it’s a vestige of someone else’s ideas. I don’t think we have idea guys and I happen to like ideas.

      Wow, when you make a choice, you really do make a choice…

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    2. Clay should be FIRED, not calling plays. He doesn’t prepare the kids to play. It might be a good idea to get rid of Tee Martin too. This is aweful USC football.


  3. SCooter,

    In order to call it a play, it has to have a preplanned design and to have a purpose for that action. Let me know when they do something like that on the SC offense.


  4. I still wanna see the offense huddle up between plays. Everyone’s gotta be on the same page. Often the offense has looked out of sync. It doesn’t matter how many plays we get in as long as they work.


  5. All I want is the coach who can get USC’s offense to score TD’s.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think there is anyone on this staff who is qualified to do that.


  6. Helton is like all who sense they can’t believe the bucket of good luck they’ve fallen into and as such are never going to hire anyone who his peers know is the ‘…best OC available….’ So you get what we have and the product is as expected – a mess.

    I believe we have the talent to defeat TX tomorrow ‘but’ I don’t believe we have the coaching staff to make that happen and can anyone tell us why the team didn’t leave until today rather than yesterday?

    PC always knew as any top strategist knows – it’s the little things that suddenly morph into big things right cleats….noting the layout of the seating around the field (bands both sides etc.) …where the sun comes or leaves….ease of access before game time or lack thereof …. reputation of officiating crew – any known animus either way towards friend or foe…..the layout of locker facilities….advance team to check out tech access and reliability…..I doubt Helton has looked at many of these items….the little things.


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