A USC-Texas Memory

With USC playing Texas, it brings back memories of the 2006 BCS title game. I spoke to former USC linebacker Collin Ashton this week about the game.

Ashton, who called the defensive signals on the final series, said he still remembers when he went over to the sideline to speak to Pete Carroll during a timeout.

“Is this not the most fun you’ve had in your entire life?” Carroll told him.

Texas QB Vince Young scored the game-winning touchdown on the next play. But I like this story because it shows Carroll’s enthusiastic nature was always present, even during the most stressful moment of the season, if not his USC career.



10 thoughts on “A USC-Texas Memory

  1. Pete was one of kind. So glad we had him for @ 9 years. Long way from where we are now. Maybe Pete will crap out in Seattle and come back for a few more years? What do ya think Scott? Oh that’s right, you don’t read the comments.


    1. That move rarely if ever works twice – relationships, place of employment, former residence – it was the basis of Thomas Wolfe’s 1929 classic novel “Look Homeward Angel”. Always best to ‘move on’


  2. Would had been more fun if not for Kiffin blowing scoring opportunities over and over in 1st half … and Pete figuring out Young only runs right


  3. I will never understand why Reggie tried to hand the ball off. I loved how the refs were not paying attention to the rules during the game. Like the one where the knee down ends the play or an illegal forward lateral is a five yard penalty not a fumble.


    1. Sorry … fumble
      Reggie was trying too hard and it was another sign that the 2005 lacked discipline due to its very weak supporting coaching staff. That team, certainly the offense, got by on talent alone.

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    1. Exactly – now he looks back fondly. At the time, it was Caesar this, Caesar that. And if he heard that story back then, it would be, “No wonder they lost – he was all happy talk during the time out instead of coaching the players!”

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    2. He realizes, as do all of us, the decline in field leadership since Pete left to where it finds itself today. A head coach who had never been a head coach anywhere let alone a top tier program and an athletic department run by a ‘figurehead’ who wouldn’t know or have the courage to make a tough call if his life depended on it. Best hope Swann is listening to somebody who knows akin to Daryll Gross able to get Garrett to hire Pete carroll.


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