If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

The last time USC went to Austin, it defeated Texas, 10-6, in 1966.

But the part that remains fascinating was the appearance on the USC sideline of legendary actor John Wayne.

“He would make a Hook ’em Horns sign to the crowd and they were cheering,” former USC assistant coach Dave Levy said. “But he was saying f—) ‘em Horns.”

Levy also remembered Wayne happily drinking on the sideline.

“During the game, he was right behind us and they had a law banning alcohol,” Levy said. “He had an assistant that kept bringing him a `coke.’ “

Wayne went to the game because he was on his way to Mexico to film the movie, “The War Wagon.” In the picture above, he is interviewed by ABC’s Bill Flemming while his friend and fellow actor Bruce Cabot looks on.

The morning of the game, Wayne spoke to the Trojans.

“He talked about his time at the university and and how much he appreciated his time,” Levy said.

  • The Dallas Morning News had nine pundits select a winner for the USC-Texas game. Six picked Texas while three chose USC. Meanwhile, CBS Sports experts Rick Neuheisel, Randy Cross and Houston Nutt picked USC.
  • I have not picked a winner yet for the game. The dilemma is I think USC is better than Texas but I’m not sure the Trojans’ coaches won’t blow it.
  • Texas defensive ends Breckyn Hager and Charles Omenihu do not have a sack or a quarterback hurry in the first two games. So keep an eye on them Saturday to see if USC also contains them.
  • The USC Presidential Search Advisory Committee held a listening session in the Town & Gown ballroom Thursday. Rick Caruso, chair of the Board of Trustees, attended the session, which consisted mostly of students and faculty expressing their concerns.
  • The NCAA approved a waiver for USC forward Kayla Overbeck to be eligible this season. She transferred to USC from Vanderbilt, where she averaged 9.9 points per game last season.
  • Guess former CBS CEO Les Moonves will not have his name put back the USC journalism media center at Annenberg Hall. Moonves and his wife, Julie Chen, donated money and had their names put on the center when it opened in 2014.
  • Former USC basketball coach Henry Bibby sold a house in Palm Desert for $620,000 according to the Los Angeles Times. He bought the property for $440,000.

15 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Florence has been mitigated. What was to be a damage show has been checked. Prayer to the right God matters. They are amazed at the lack of issues in the Carolinas, but only Inside USC do you know why…..


      1. God….the Creator of Heaven and Earth in 6 days, Who rested on the seventh day…There is no other….never has been, never will be….He also made you and me, Budda, through our parents…..He knows you and He knows me…the question is: Do we know Him or do we even want to? We can meet Him in humble prayer and ask Him to be our God….Father, forgive us of our sins. And, then, keep going….and try not to sin as much, if not at all…


  2. God, Who sent His Son, Jesus…..Who died on a cross as a sacrifice for all humankind sin…When you pray, pray to God the Father. When you finish your prayer you ask, “In Jesus’ your Son’s name I pray, amen.”


      1. God corrects those He loves….u may lose something in the process if you can’t function. Scoring 3 points will bring fair criticism……this is not care League football….


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