USC-Texas Rose Bowl: `It Still Hurts’

I spoke to some former USC players for this article on the memories of the 2006 USC-Texas BCS title game.

Excerpt: ““It still hurts. Everything was on the line. It was for a three-peat. It’s kind of a bummer,” USC linebacker Oscar Lua said.

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29 thoughts on “USC-Texas Rose Bowl: `It Still Hurts’

    1. It was a lot of different things too.
      Like Brian Cushing getting beat all game or blocked from making tackles.

      Ting………….remember that pick he dropped. Ting, Ting, Ting.


  1. Good for you, Scottie, in getting the Sporting News gig!

    The flipside about getting too anxious about the Texas loss is that they would have taken the crystal ball away from us. Not that I care about that , personally- I’ll take AP titles (which can’t be taken away) over some computer-generated BCS bull-crap any day.

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  2. Gentlemen, a noted sports writer Dan Web or Weber stated that Helton showed photos of the Texas Stadium that is full to capacity. They won’t do a walk through at the stadium today. This is not a good idea. The team leaves at 12:00 pm today and probably arrives 6:00 pm Texas time. At that moment when they land would be the perfect time to do a walkthrough. They can get adjusted to the light, get a feel for the field, and notice where the bad spots are on the field.

    As far as the photos are concerned, SC will lose. If u have to show photos to a stadium, that is telling the team what they are to see. If a team is prepared and knows the offense and carries confidence, they could care less where they play or what the situation is because they know they are winning and they will play anywhere.


  3. SlC does not have the confidence in themselves, their teammates, or their coaches. When u lack that confidence knowing everyone is doing their job, it is easier to do urs. When u worry about others, u can’t do ur job. Sc loses 24-10


  4. First time in all of my life I have been so down in the mouth about SC. They
    have much to improve to bring back the shine that SC deserves


  5. What a game!! The bozos are up 12 points with 10 minutes to go, but Little Petey Pom-Pom chokes and the team snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. This choke defeat is the ultimate legacy of Little Petey’s bozo U HFBC tenure and a preview to his laughable, choke Super Bowl defeat.


    1. Owns, please crawl back under your rock. Your school has never even been in a BCS game, much less any bowl game of consequence for the last 20years. You have ZERO credibility. ZERO!! Your adopted school is 0-2 with many more losses on the way. Show a little intelligence and talk when you have something to talk about.


    2. Owns where ya been? Where have I been for that matter?
      USC is now a “Basketball Power”.
      Ok. I’m not serious. But we should be the better Los Angeles school in basketball for at least 2-3 seasons going off a solid class coming in this season+The Top Class+#1 Overall Player the next class will be a Trojan.


      1. Hi Ho Sammy. Lately, I’ve been rudely kicked off Alwin Walrus’ bozo blog. He got really mad at me after what’s his name lost his lawsuit vs the NCAA. Alwin had predicted the NCAA would lose bigtime and bozo u would be vindicated – which, of course, did not occur.

        As to bozo Basketball, Andyain’twinning has recruited well for 2019. However, as you recall Sammy, Andrew had a top 10 BB team (2017 – 18) that failed to make the NCAA dance, so it’s still an Andyain’twinning crap shoot when it come to bozo U’s BB fortunes. Besides, Alford hasn’t finished his 2019 recruiting, so there is time to catch up. UCLA’s team for 2018 – 19 is super loaded with a competitive non-conf. schedule. Bozo U is still scheduling cupcake non-conf. games.

        Turmoil in the bozo FB program – what’s new. Methinks Mr. Daniels is a tad bit overrated and the Rahs-Rahs are screaming for Helton’s scalp. The Stanford loss exposed the bozo team as non-competitive for the Nat. FB Championship in 2018.

        Hope all is well Sammy, and your young son is progressing toward a BB scholarship to UCLA. It’s good to be back.


      2. Helton is a great JC coach.
        I want him gone.

        Remember we were without Boatwight and Melton buddy boy.

        You guys may get Cassius Stanley. Alford won’t go higher than the sweet 16 for ucla so I’m good with that. Watch out though, Andy has the #1 Overall Basketball Player in the Nation 2020 already recruiting players for the Trojans and his brother is in this class coming in. We’re a problem for Alfurd.

        The kid would go to South Bend before he put on that UC Blue.

        Keep in touch my friend!


  6. Just Owns,

    I’m glad to see your back. It is nice knowing that the biggest joke, ugly, of all time is still around and u still see through the handicap color glasses. How are things at West weird and Polly pavilion? I will tell ya, they have been irrelevant ever since their beginning. Welcome once again


    1. Ah yes, PT still wears his “I went to bozo u” chip on his shoulder. I don’t blame PT for the angry attitude. I’d cop the same ‘tude if I paid 6 figures for a Yugo education and lost to Stanford 17 – 3.

      Yes, UCLA is 0 – 2, but PT, it’s not where you start that counts, it’s where you finish.


      1. Owns, u are right, and we know ugly will end up right where they always ended, at the bottom of the heap with an 0-12 record. Fresno St will beat ugly


  7. Just read that SC was in shells on Wednesday. That means shoulder pads and helmets. What the heck? I’m changing the score to 34-3 Texas win. Helton has no clue on how to make a winning team. The harder u practice with intense physicality, the better chance u have to win


  8. We didn’t lose it was taken from us by cheating refs. They were all reprimanded after the game for missing two obvious midtakes awarding Texas ten unearned points.
    I don’t care if Reggie was getting s million dollars under the table, he was and still is one of the best players that college football has ever seen.
    The refs were so awestruck by a running quarterback they left the rest of field open. There was more holding in that game than a WWF match.


  9. Lame Kiffin was doing the play calling at the end of that Rose Bowl game, and when we lost, he was in the locker room crying uncontrollably. Why Pete Carroll allowed Kiffin and Sarkisian to call plays over Norm Chow is a great mystery to me. Norm Chow did not like Sarkisian or Kiffin, and for good reasons. Then, to have your head coach allow you to be replaced by these two knuckleheads just showed gross neglect on Pete’s side.


  10. This game is the worst loss I’ve suffered as a fan of ANY of my teams. I was 7 or 8 when Reggie hit 3 out to beat the Dodgers and I cried. I was certain the Lakers would be playing the Celtics again until Ralph Sampson threw in that last second BS to deny everyone another chapter in the Magic/Bird, Lakers/Celtics saga. Also, although I don’t usually admit it publicly, I’m a Buffalo Bills fan. You can pretty much use your imagination as far as picking a loss for the Bills. Anyway, the point is that if I could flip one “L” in any sport, it would be that Rose Bowl against Texas. You could have 2 straight perfect seasons and still not be in the position to win what was in reach that night. That team put together 34 straight wins against all-comers. That’s ballin’

    We always talk about the damage sanctions did to the program, but that loss did some kind of incalculable damage too. I’m still not right behind this game and the program might not be either. Perhaps the team will see that trophy on display down in Austin. If so, I hope the team understands that UT still hasn’t paid in full for it The Texas Longhorns should be made to pay for that trophy in perpetuity. There is no satisfaction beyond the ongoing quest for satisfaction. We’ll see if this team can collect on the debt.


  11. That 1st half play calling was complete crap by Kiffin and his partner in fraud Snark. Not just the dumb arse last series. Chow beats that Texas team 62-45. Pete got what he deserved that night letting those two idiots talk him into being the OCs. As they say “ only Lameo Kiffy and the Snark could find away to lose with the 2005 offense.’


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