Morning Buzz: Pick The USC-Texas Score And My Winner

This is quite a game to select a winner. It’s difficult to find a reason to like Texas: Its defense has one sack in two games; the Longhorns lost to Maryland; beat Tulsa by a touchdown and have nothing going for them outside of playing at home today.

I think USC is better than Texas. I just don’t know if USC’s coaches will find a way to blow it.

With that said, I don’t know why or how, but I think Texas will somehow win this game. It might be because USC’s offensive line can’t handle the crowd noise or a pass play is called on an obvious running situation. Or the defense can’t cover the middle of the field.

So I’m picking Texas, 20-17.


23 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Pick The USC-Texas Score And My Winner

    1. You were right on the money. This team had no desire in the 2nd half.

      Offense pitiful. Every mistake was made that is a no – no for a good team.


  1. If the Trojans players improvise and utilize their talent they will win this game in a close one. If Helton and Tee Martin take control of this game with their incompetent play calling…the Trojans get blown out.


  2. SCooter, don’t u worry about the sack for Texas. By today it will be up to eight sacks for Texas, the dB’s will be in Houston covering, lbers will not stuff the te in the line, SC will run and then change the entire situation to go to the pass. The coaches will take the victory and change it into a loss.

    SCooter, I’m picking Texas 34, SC 3


  3. The Goodship Gomer hits another iceberg tonight, score doesn’t matter, a loss is a loss and if they lose to a team that lost to Maryland who got bombed by Temple, should Gomer get Tarmacked ?


  4. Buddha,

    Helton and no one else is going anywhere this season. Hopefully next season T Martin will only coach receivers. Bring in the Stanford Offensive Cordinator


  5. I’m concerned, but I think our problems are fixable and I’m not as pessimistic as others appear to be. The team seems to respond well and I think tonight they bounce back.


  6. Watched BYU\s win. The announcers said that BYU’s recruiting was being more focused on being physical up front. WHY CAN’T USC recruit like that? The trenches! USC has so many “athletes” and WRs its ridiculous.


  7. Scott, UT is not known for it’s crowd noise…not for 15 years or so. I’d be surprised if the stadium is filled. Nevertheless, SC will surely find a way to self-destruct. I lay that on the coaching staff, of course, but I also think the team has no chemistry or drive to win. Bad combination.
    Look for Lil’ JT to get rattled, sacked, knocked out of the game, courtesy of the porous O-line. Prediction, UT 27 SC 17.


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