Discuss The USC-Texas Game

What an utter joke.

Who is defending Clay Helton now?

What was the game plan? Can USC run block? Did it even want to run?

Can Clancy Pendergast even defend the middle of the field?

Can John Baxter coach special teams?

What a disaster. But don’t expect Lynn Swann to do anything. He acts like a figurehead.

Porter Gustin is ejected for targeting.

JT Daniels is throwing too much off his back foot and USC has rushed for 16 yards in 11 carries. No wonder Texas leads 16-14 at halftime.

USC started brightly with a 14-3 lead but the second quarter was a mess. Two guys chop blocked on a fourth-and-goal. Then USC roughed the punter. And Chris Tilbey had a 13-yard punt. It looked like Stanford again.


82 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Texas Game

  1. Was that Sam Darnold playing QB for Texas last night??

    Coach Helton, last week I heard you say that you weren’t worried about the O-line and that it was fine. I also heard you call John Baxter the best special teams coach in the country. How can anyone have seen your team over the last few years and agree with either of those things? The O-line has never been fine and John Baxter has never shown evidence of being the best special teams coach in the country. How long have Neil Calloway and John Baxter been at this now? 100 years between them? Maybe it’s time for some new ideas and some new energy at these spots. I think you’re coming to a point where you’ll have to make the decision to either have guys walk the plank or go down with the ship yourself. No offense to you, but I don’t think you’ll get another job like this and if you don’t reorganize the school will. You’ve made the comfortable choice every time you’ve hired and it’s time you did some uncomfortable things. You have loyalties that should supersede the loyalty you’re showing to your coaches. They aren’t getting the job done and if you’re not changing anything then you’re not getting the job done either.


    1. Hey, that’s more like it. It’s pretty refreshing to see you finally coming to your senses about Helton’s inabilities in coaching. I think I’ve tied really hard to have you disillusioned in the past, but you were highly defiant and blind to see the real truth about Helton. But as they say, it’s better late than never. Welcome back to the real world.


      1. I wasn’t writing about his inabilities as coach and my opinion of him hasn’t changed since he took the job. I think he needs to make changes to his staff and I’m sorry you didn’t pick that up from my post. The only thing I’ve really seen you try hard at is being an ass. I honestly don’t remember the subject matter of anything we may have talked about, but I remember that you’re an angry and emotional guy. Worse than that, you’re uninteresting and I really don’t want to spend any more time than necessary interacting with you. I don’t see how you won’t take offense to that and I understand if you do. However, your ongoing desire to talk to me is NOT mutual.


    2. Hey Hat Boy, you know what your real problem is? It’s that you take yourself way too seriously for no good reason, and you seriously overestimate your influence over others through your lunatic ramblings. Do you really think anyone around the blogs you’ve been on cares about what you said? No. In fact, you’re nothing but an internet football junkie that basically knows nothing but believes to know everything. Oh, so you think you “offended” me, huh? Sorry to disappoint your desperate attempt, but I never get offended by the kind of lunacy concocted by the likes of you. The truth? You’re f’g nobody that nobody cares about. Why don’t we leave it at that, huh?


      1. Well, I’m glad that you’re not offended and that I have not influenced you in any way. I’m not offended either as I expected you to call me names and mischaracterize me. You specifically called me “Hat Boy” which means you have tried to check my Facebook page out. Are you sure you aren’t more into me than you’re letting on? Look, I know you want me to like you and respect you for your football knowledge, but that’s just not possible. I wouldn’t know you or anything you’ve said here if it wasn’t directed to me. So, you obviously have me at a disadvantage in that regard.

        The last time we spoke, you ended up having to go back and delete like 30 different posts. I don’t blame you for being embarrassed about your behavior and lack of control. I honestly don’t want to see you embarrass yourself again. Honestly. So, let’s make a deal… You don’t talk to me and I’ll stay off your lawn. How’s that?


    3. Hat Boy, Hay Boy…you’re telling me to sever the dialog with you, but look at you. You’re the one that keeps babbling back at me, aren’t you? And what??? Me checking out your Facebook page? Hey man, I think it’s time for you to get a more able specialist to treat your nasty issues because they seem to be bordering on hallucinations. As clearly observed previously, you’re incapable of reasoning according to common sense and logic, so yeah, I think I will let you reside in your own weird world. I’m sure your issues are rather well-known around you, anyway. lol. But I might offer an advice to you in closing. Try not to take yourself so damn seriously because you aren’t doing the darndest thing for SC football and nobody’s reading your nonsense. Understand? So long, Hat Boy.


  2. This could be a discussion almost any time during the infamous Helton regime. The teams are disorganized and dispirited. Perhaps it’s not as bad as the Hackett era… but I don’t think the bottom has been reached. Another great pick by Pat Haden….yea, he loved the Trojans…


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