USC Morning Buzz: Should Clay Helton Change His Demeanor?

Clay Helton used profanity during a post-practice speech Monday apparently because of the loss to Texas and maybe because tailback Aca’Cedric Ware said practices were “slow” and “lazy” the previous two weeks.

“The one thing that I’ve learned in 24 years of coaching is your kids are going to react how you react,” Helton said.

But during his radio show Tuesday, Petros Papadakis said it would not work for Helton to change his identity and he should remain who he is because players can tell when a coach is faking it.

That reminds of a game during the Paul Hackett era. Before the game vs. Cal, Hackett instructed a manager to place a small hole in dry-erase board and punched it in front of the team. Ironically, Hackett’s hand was bloody (to his horror) when he withdrew it. His reaction to his cut hand made the team think the whole incident was hilarious.


13 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Should Clay Helton Change His Demeanor?

  1. It’s like when you try to give SC compliments – even for National titles – it just comes off as fake. Clay should be – and always has been – who he is. It’s why he recruits so devastatingly well. No bullshit whatsoever.


  2. Wait, Flow, let me get this straight…Helton’s swearing or non-swearing has been heavily documented throughout his time at USC? Sorry, but as friendly as he comes off to the media, you can’t tell me that in the locker rooms or team meetings that he hasn’t said the “f” word or the “s” word? Heaven’s me…No, fuck that. The athletic department also hasn’t posted any “insider” film (halftime, sideline, post-game locker room) after games for a couple years either.


    1. Did you see Gomer “argue” with the official at the Texas game ? After Gomer was done he said ” Oh my God ” Yeah, he’s a real cussing machine. Gomer hugs his players in the locker room


  3. A demeanor is something you employ artificially on the exterior. The interior content of an underqualified coach will not improve by changing it. It’d be merely a temporary cover-up.

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  4. Your true colors eventually come out. Players will sense if someone is being fake or not. I think you can learn how to fire up your troops and have a better poker face during a game. Helton doesn’t and hasn’t shown the demeanor to be an elite coach or a National Title winning coach. (There are only five active ones anyway )

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  5. Gomer is Gomer…he is the same Gomer who said the following about Max Browne and Sam Darnold

    “I’ll just be honest, I don’t think there’s a huge gap between the quarterbacks right now. Max definitely shows the game management and the poise that we want.”

    It seemed clear to just about everyone else that there was a huge gap.

    Just like now it is obvious to everyone that there is a huge gap between a real head coach and Gomer

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