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I will be a guest on the Petros and Money show (AM-570) around 2:45 p.m. today.


11 thoughts on “Radio, Radio

  1. I’d like you to discuss why Lane Kiffin can get fired three weeks into the football year after we were hammered by Arizona State 62-41, and how is it possible that Helton remains on the job after a dismal record against power 5 schools (0-6 and this atrocious start of the 2018 season). Who’s keeping him on the job ? Is is Pat Haden, Lynn Swann, or the interim USC President ?

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    1. ‘If’ Haden then Haden’s talons are very deep as one of the pupprt masters the ‘deep state’ agenda has used ‘in situ’ for a century at USC….just a continuation of the olde ‘West 28th Street’ cabal.

      I think Haden wishes all of this would end because the focus is on what has happened ever since he sacked Kiffin nearly 5 years ago. This is Haden’s – he created it and he then ran away from it.

      Even a change at head coach, has to happen, we are looking at a minimum of 2 + years to put back-in, the abandoned steps that once defined USC football : practices, consequences, rewards, coaching, expectations, peer review player-to-player, training…it will happen but it is going to take time and every day Helton is left in as head coach s another day of pushing out that hoped for moment when USC is once again standing tall emitting fear on others. Until Helton is gone nothing will change regardless of how this season plays out – nothing. Helton doesn’t have the ability to be a leader and never will.

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      1. I do not think it would require a minimum two years to inspire the Trojans…in fact, if a change was made tomorrow, an interim coach-there must be somebody on this staff- who that still maintains aspirations for excellence and the hard work and forthrightness required; the relief would be palatable among the players, not to mention the USC alums like me. Maybe two weeks.


  2. 10 minutes given Scott Wolf – announced a new website – 1st write-up due Friday. A possibility of PC returning in an ‘advisory’ capacity due to: 1. the state of the program under Helton and 2. SEA slow death spiral. The payouts that perv gynecologist is causing – approaching $1 bil.. to the school, that seems high – school tightening all depts. reason why Hibbs still baseball coach – don’t want to pay him off.


  3. Well ‘stephen’ got to tell you rarely if ever a first-year coach, regardless of talent, ramps up to what that team’s prowess is, especially one with an 18-year-old qb.

    Nothing changes until that clown fool Helton is gone and bluntly – due to the perv gynecologist – we’re looking at 3 years hence from December i.e. 2022…a big thank you to that worthless ‘…to the manor borne…’ Patrick ‘Capper’ Haden and his genius hunch picking that boob Sarkisian based on ‘Capper’s’ hunch.

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    1. I think that Haden Esq. felt that hard – charging Coach ‘O’ was ‘neath Professor Haden’s status, in the smarts department; socially and culturally for sure. After all, Haden was an Oxford Don? Or at least that is what he thought he was.

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      1. Haden reeks of a ‘connected’ soul….Oxford Rhodes scholar – that alone gives passage to a lot of ‘elite’ gatherings….partner with His Honor former Mayor Bill Riordan…then you have that smooth ride he had for 7 years at CBS and NBC per the Irish football games. I’d say he looked like a candidate for an invitation to ‘the Bohemian Club’.

        Plucked by Nikias to replace Garrett then there’s that nasty Mayr Foundation scandal but our boy Pat silently vanished with no public accountability unlike that heaped on Reggie Bush and Todd McNair by Haden himself.

        Fame and power are two powerful narcotics but the end game is never what they expect because in their ascent someone or thing is always forgotten and for most, as it certainly was with Haden, it is humility.

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