USC Ticket Count

I hear USC’s sold about 30,000 tickets for Friday night’s game with Washington State.

Maybe that’s why it has some specials to sell more tickets like below.


22 thoughts on “USC Ticket Count

  1. I really admire the folks who bought the tickets because they’ll have to pay me to go and watch the most boring brand of SC football ever directed by the most boring coach ever.

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      1. Last ‘truly’ top tier coach they’ve ever had was Tommy Prothro and he booked after the 1970 season. They’ll never be anything but an average program with their 80 yd. practice field and their ‘home’ stadium a ‘cozy’ 20+ miles from white bread land


  2. Wow a bruin making fun of USC? They had to give coupons for free beer at the RoseBowl c’mon. The game is late on a Friday night and people in LA work.

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    1. Right I want to wait in line at security checkpoints after an hour or two in traffic when I get off work so I can watch a jumbo TV in a crowded plastic stadium. And as some have pointed out the parking with crane might be more exciting than our offense. Sorry not this year.


    2. Aren’t the bozos a shoe-in for a spot in the NCAA FB National Championship game? But Old Trojans never die, they just SUCC, is making CS excuses, excuses, excuses, ’cause bozo u can’t give away tickets the Friday mausoleum scrum.

      Commie Succ, you sound so very latent and want something bad to chew on. One has to assume you aren’t allergic to latex. Chew on.


  3. That’s a real stunner! Friday night in Los Angeles during construction of the Tower monstosity and no parking anywhere. And it’s NOT a sellout???? That’s just dumbfounding me Scottie. But glad you got to the bottom of it for us!


      1. What if he were to win the South, beat Notre Dame & UCLA, and beats the Northern team to go to the Rose? Tall order, but I’m curious if you’d still dump him.


    1. This clown is worst than Hackett. He wants to be the players’ friend…like the moronic mother who smokes pot with her middle school son on his ‘affirmative screw job’ as the loser tries to get into bel-air tech


      1. He’s already got plenty of hats so we can leave them there. But put a pair of geeky goggles on his nose and water down his Southern drawl, we’ve got ourselves almost a dead ringer to Hackett.


  4. Pre-PC era, the crowds we’re really bad. I recall easy parking and a half empty coliseum apart from the ND or UCLA game. At the end of the day, this is good. Should serve as a wake up call for the school. The coach is awful and they play like they have an awful coach. It’s all going to get worse before it gets better.


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