Morning Buzz: A Memorable Radio Appearance And Unmemorable USC Physical Performance

Here is my appearance on Petros and Money, where I did not hold back on USC football. My segment begins at the 34-minute mark. Listen here.

And here is a quote from TCU coach Gary Patterson, who plays Texas this week and watched the films of USC playing the Longhorns.

“(It) looked like to me (like Texas) physically beat them,” Patterson said.

How far has USC sunk that now it is getting physically beat up by Texas? Who is Texas? They didn’t beat up Maryland or Tulsa.

In 1982, USC no longer featured star tailback Marcus Allen and was not especially gifted at quarterback as Sean Salisbury and Scott Tinsley each played. But the Trojans went to Oklahoma and won ugly, 12-0, by physically dominating the Sooners.

“Anybody who came into the stadium today thinking Southern Cal couldn’t win this game is an idiot!” Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer said. “They did what I was very concerned about, their defense being able to physically handle our offense.”


13 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: A Memorable Radio Appearance And Unmemorable USC Physical Performance

  1. The kicker in that listing was the name ‘Sean Salisbury’….a victory @ OK with Salisbury is a remarkable fact.

    Nothing else need be said why Helton should be fired now….Tom Herman is not Barry Switzer.


  2. Interesting fact, Barry Switzer never beat USC. He went 0 – 3 – 1 against the Trojans.

    That’s amazing since he is considered one of the greatest coaches of all – time and those 3 losses came in the 1980’s, one of the worst decades of USC football.


  3. Budda,

    I didn’t care for Steely Dan. As far as the physicality goes, I remember when the oline and defense were going to win the game, no matter what. Now, we have the soft serve ice cream cone oline and no sacks defense. Just place SC in Division II now and even watch Appalation State beat SC.


      1. Exactly. All the finesse in the world with these receivers will not save your arsenal in tough games. Wrong mentality in the Helton regime. Time for him to go.

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  4. What makes a team physical is it’s ability to consistently run the ball. Not being able to run the ball means you can’t physically attack a team and you can’t possess the ball. If you can’t possess the ball, your defense will be on the field too long. Running the ball, in a sense, is a way of playing defense on offense. If you can run the ball consistently and effectively while playing good defense, you just smother teams. If you can’t run the ball, of course your defense is going to be soft because it’s going to get softened up over the course of the game.


  5. No, this is not a physical team. And water is wet. Each is a truism. For a more penetrating analysis of what’s wrong with this team, listen to Dan Webber’s discussion on yesterday’s Peristyle Podcast. Really incredible work.


    1. Dan and Keely thoughtfully and accurately diagnose the problems with this USC football team, or more precise, with the incompetent and uninspiring coaching of this football team. Of course, the clarity of their analyses are not understood by this coaching staff.


  6. Instead of having the Trojan players in the weight room, Clay Helton was having them in the dining room on Friday nights for team family member meet, eat and greet…probably singing Kumbaya as well.

    But Clay Helton is such a nice guy…Pffft!


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