Can You Hear Me Now?

Were you one of the proud, the few who attended last night’s game?

The Coliseum cell phone reception was terrible. Quite a few fans during the game told me how bad the service was.

Meanwhile, here are more thoughts I had on the game.

USC is going to have to cut down on penalties going forward.

But the truth is USC has played four sloppy games. The die is cast.


13 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Watching the OR vs stanford game… OR 21 stanford 7 with 3+ to go in the 1st half….as long as this clown Helton is USC’s head coach – we are nothing but a joke —- fire this clown!

    OR at the stanford …. closing in at the Indian opps my bad ‘the cardinal’

    OR 24…stanford 7…hey ‘clay’ you watching how a real offense works?


    1. What do you think “Little Scotty the Troll” would post — snarky bs or positives? I was there too BTW — and I’d even say 60,000 is in the ballpark.


  2. The cell reception is very spotty at the coliseum and depending on what carrier you have it gets worse. The good news is my sister can’t text me to ask me stupid questions about the game. Honestly she once texted me to ask why the runner on a kick off always runs right to the other team.
    Back to the post
    I can accept a exuberant call on a warrior, but not a Trojan false start. Until knuckleheads are taken out and sat down a play or two there isn’t going to be change. I remember seeing USC coaches sitting players after a boneheaded play knowing that the kid wants back in. Really the stars can’t shine if they are benched. And NFL scouts don’t troll the benches. It’s a powerful tool that we don’t use for motivation.


    1. There are only two carriers all the small fry contract with – AT&T and Verizon. I can truly say down here in the ‘south bay’ it matters not who your carrier is i.e. reminds one of the classic line from the Rolling Stones best album ‘Beggars Banquet’…..the final song ‘Salt Of The Earth’…Keith Richards’ line…

      “…a choice of cancer or polio…”


  3. Might there be reception issues on the coaches’ headsets, too? It sure looks that way sometimes when the whole team acts like every part of it has its own mind.

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