Sunday Buzz: Can USC Regain Prominence Of 40 Years Ago?

Today is the 40th anniversary of USC’s 24-14 victory over No. 1-ranked Alabama at Legion Field in Birmingham. USC was ranked No. 7 going into the game.

I am mentioning this because it is unfathomable today that USC would go on the road and beat a marquee opponent. In recent years, USC could even go to Boston College and win. Or Texas last weekend. Or beat Alabama, Ohio State or Wisconsin on neutral fields.

These is a pretty good thing to remember because the current USC administration seems to have no interest in whether the program has slipped. If you attended Friday night’s game at the Coliseum, the crowd was not only small, it was quiet and almost apathetic for large parts of the game.

So it’s worth appreciating that big victory over Alabama 40 years ago and wondering what is being done to see if USC can return to that level again?


19 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Can USC Regain Prominence Of 40 Years Ago?

  1. The problem is USC has a bigger problem than football – the impending findings and pay out to all those female foreign students that perv gynecologist molested verbally as well as physically – that’s going to be a huge bill coupled with the fall out of the former medical Director who was outted for drug use – the latter was a steam engine in raising contributions as was Nikias. Have to say it wouldn’t be such a complete mess if that clueless clown Swann hadn’t deemed it prudent to give Helton a 3 year extension – ask yourself who was going to hire him?

    This mess is just beginning because nothing is going to change until Helton is gone and right now that’s at least a year or two in the future.


  2. Figurehead Lynn Swann should be ashamed of himself for cashing the checks he’s been receiving from the University of Southern California. Swann has done nothing to deserve for getting paid…he is worthless!


  3. Professor Haden Esq. and former Pittsburgh Steeler great Lynn Swann were both manifestly unprepared for athletic director positions at USC. They wouldn’t have been hired to be A.D.s anywhere else but at USC.
    Political hirings all the way.

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  4. Well SCooter, that when Hubbard was leading USC. He cared for football. SC just got rid of a soccer offecinado. Tells where soccer is, which is passive, just like sc’s football team. Bring in new administration that cares about football and see USC turn back into the dynasty machine that it should be

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  5. 1) bozo u, sold its solid dividend stock in Ed Orgeron and loaded up on the Haden/ Sarkesian pyramid/fireball scheme.

    2) bozo u can no longer load up on cherrypicked 4 and 5 recruits like the 60’s and 70’s. Competition for recruits is now way too fierce and bozo u hasn’t helped itself after it has sustained some uggggggly, ugly losses on National TV.

    Sooooooo, the answer is no. Fight on though!

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      1. Rust owns, that is why Pete Carrol owned the nation while ugly was still stuck in the same mud hole for the last 90 years


    1. That must be the game Sam Cunnigham scored 4 short yardage TD’s. bozo Rah-Rah’s love to claim that Cunnigham’s performance caused the ‘Tide to racially integrate its FB team. What a load of cornpone, bozo BS. BB had recruited Af. Americans 2 or 3 years before that bozo victory.


      1. No … u are confusing 3 games
        1971 is the Baja integration game where Sam ran wild
        4 short TD game leaps was Sam Bam in 1973 Rose Bowl rout of OhioSt
        1978 was Charlie White,Brad Budde, Anthony Munoz destroying #1 Bama


  6. USC walks a fine line with a lot of things I agree with those above who say they are in a financial mess and can ill afford a buyout now. They also have aggressive title IX monitors to deal with. These aren’t your dad’s Trojans that is for sure.


    1. What’s bel-air tech’s? A victory over USC in the 80’s? Opps I got it – 1986 when they beat IA in the Rose Bowl….come to think of it that was the last time they did win a Rose Bowl.


      1. Maybe so Commie SUCC, but UCLA isn’t OOOOOOOOO for 131 years, or as I call it, OOOOOOOOOO forever in BB. I’m will to bet a pint a Wolka that had Emperor Garrott, a chance to purchase a BB NC, he would have.

        I mean, didn’t Emperor Garrott award, w/o NCAA approval, bozo U a FB National Championship. LOL……Latex on!


  7. Or U-Dub 2 seasons ago… lest you forget! And they were ranked, pray tell, #3 in the nation! Woo Hoo! that was a biggie. And who was their coach on that fateful afternoon? Claaaaay Helton! Sorry, Scottie. Narrative blown…..


  8. It is classic this site still has Owns. Fitting. Perhaps USC football is not going to be what it used to be, the good old days are just that. Perhaps the BOT is taking the scholastic route to fame instead of athletic. If you are a football fan then perhaps USC is not the school for you anymore. If you are a ruin fan, forget about it, that train left the station years ago and is not scheduled to ever return.


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