USC Quote Of The Day

I spoke to a college coach today who said the following:

“I would love to coach against USC. You know they’re going to run same plays all the time.”

It does seem like USC’s offense is predictable, with long passes to the receivers on Friday night. It just worked because Washington State’s secondary couldn’t cover any one.


14 thoughts on “USC Quote Of The Day

  1. SC is not playing smart football under Helton, period. The team is heavily relying on individual talent and the same old strategies that even laymen can figure out. That’s why it can’t go beyond winning the weak division and looks anemic and lost playing against anything more than decent opponents.

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    1. It’s looking like Helton will eventually go down the history as Larry Smith 2.0. Wins against the teams that he’s supposed to, but no NCs or historic wins against powerhouse teams.


  2. Same plays, ha!! Darnold didn’t throw ANY of those pinpoint corner passes like JT throws. Good luck, anony-coach! Go ahead and strap one on – schedule us!


    1. I was thinking the same thing about that coach popping off like that. What is this team he’s coaching that he wants to get after USC so bad with? As you suggest, it can probably happen if he really wants it.


  3. “I would love to coach against USC. You know they’re going to run same plays all the time.”

    That’s no secret, Kiffin, Sarkisian and now Helton have been running the same predictable crap offense since 2010.

    God forbid a TE or FB were to be utilized as part of an offensive scheme…now that would be shocking.


  4. I watched highlights of Mater Dei vs IMG Academy and there was just top end talent all over the field. IMG was probably more talented, faster and bigger than MD, but MD was the better team. I now know why JT foolishly believed that he would be able to step up into the pocket here. Foolish child…

    Seriously, I want to run the offense MD runs and look like they do running it. It’s a better offense than the one we’re running even with our current personnel. Their plays make sense and actually give their players advantages and opportunities. It’s clever and they are SO organized and disciplined running it. It’s frustrating for me to see a high school team running a more well conceived, better organized, more disciplined and more effective offense than what I see USC running. Rollinson’s offense is a real system, It has a real identity with real ideas and they teach their kids really well. What I just stated is VERY obvious to me at MD and it’s obviously missing to me at USC.

    With that said, if you were limited to only recruiting IMG and MD, but you had exclusive rights to them both, you’d probably have the best class in the country. At any rate, you’d be good. IMG has 2 running backs who are almost the same dude. They’re both big, fast and vicious runners, just nasty. Yes, please! Also, Bryce Young will give us a dimension that we’re really only playing at with Matt Fink.


    1. IMG was the more talented team, Clay, but as you stated, MD was the better team- coaching, execution, strategy etc. I think SC has been recruiting too many players that aren’t necessarily sold on giving their all for the team and are putting self before team.


  5. It has nothing to do with running the same plays. Every coach does that. It has to do with how well those plays are run and how well the OL and DL perform. As far as you talking to another coach Wolf I doubt that part. If you have a source name them. I don’t trust anonymous sources.


  6. Yes, T Martin is predictable because he runs an offense where he will try one play and see if it works. Then he will try another to see if it works. There is no rhyme or reason to his offense. There is no assault or determination.

    As far as your college coach is concerned, I don’t think he knows about Lombardi or Mckay that much. Lombardi had a thick play book, but he only ran about 5 plays out of it and he was successful because of the execution and blocking that was perfect. You can run the same play over and over but you need to execute it to perfection. Lombardi and Mckay did.


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