Sunday Night With Clay Helton

Lynn Swann was a topic of Clay Helton’s conference call, including the weekly meeting the pair have after games.

“I’ve always thought the greatest gift you can give somebody is your time, and he gives me his time each and every week,” Helton said. “I love that the AD is a football guy and knows the game.”

Helton said the pair meet every Monday. But I’m told by sources they met Saturday, the day after the Washington State game.

Whether Swann is happy or upset is almost irrelevant in a sense because last season he was vocal with his displeasure but ended up granting Helton a contract extension. Maybe he is having second thoughts.


12 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

  1. It’d make a coaching change easier for Swann if Helton loses big a few more games this season against the teams he’s figured to beat easily. But if he keeps getting out of the hole and ends up winning more than 7 or 8 games including UCLA and Notre Dame, then what is he going to do? Probably nothing until next season. Will he wait until Helton’s team becomes 6 and 6 or even worse? I sure hope not.

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  2. Whenever I think about the “meeting” between these two men I think of Charlie’s Angels. An unseen voice on a speaker phone gives Helton his instructions. I could be wrong but that is what it sounds like to me.


  3. Nothing will change, if it does at all until a new president is elected and is given time to adjust to the new settings. If things change it won’t happen until after the 2019 season. They have to get the Coliseum up and running after the make over and by that time the new president will be in town and will have time to reflect on the football issue. Knowing SC, they will elect another panzy waist who love soccer and hates football.

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      1. Helton deserves nothing – this is his 3+ year – these are ll his recruits, his coaching staff, his routines, his schemes for preparing for top tier opponents and his sideline policies. ‘Maybe’ if that lazy clown Swann hadn’t given Helton an extension and this had been his last year there might have been a bit more seriousness prior to those: OH St , Stanford and TX games.

        His salary for this mess is a kool $3.8 mil not including that stellar staff he’s selected

        BTW anyone compared photos of Tee Martin last Autumn and how much weight he’s gained in 9 mos.? He s huge!

        Dump Helton as soon as possible.


  4. But he always says the greatest gift you can give ….Jesus Christ is this clown for real , how about another stupid cliche Cheesecake Clay.
    The greatest gift u could give is resign and take that crap staff with you


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