USC Bowl Projection

CBS Sports bowl guru Jerry Palm projects USC will play Iowa in the Holiday Bowl.

After attending two Holiday Bowls already, this is about as bad as it gets. The run-down San Diego Stadium is an awful bowl venue. At least it is a 4 p.m. kickoff this season. Not the freezing night games like USC played against Nebraska and Wisconsin.


14 thoughts on “USC Bowl Projection

    1. Little Miguel,

      Welcome to America. In regards to your ruins, well let us say that you will either be watching usc in a bowl game or you won’t be watching ugly in a bowl game. I think 0-12 record for the ruins is about right.


      1. Funny that UCLA has managed a TD in all three losses. Can bozo u say that during its 2018 Nat. Championship run losses? I think bozo u should hire Trump as its HFBC. Think of the Ripple and Puke mediocrity Trump could boast of. Fight On.


  1. crappy bowl game. The Pac 12 Bowl games suck except for the Rose Bowl. You have the Emerald Bowl, Holiday Bowl, Alamo bowl and then it gets worse. Thank you Commissioner Larry Scott for not protecting the Pac 12. Commissioner, you suck as well.


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