USC Football In Nutshell

Why does USC often look like a mess during games?

Here’s a few reasons:

1.) The offensive coordinator doesn’t call all the plays

2.) The defensive coordinator is over his head

3.) The special teams coach isn’t doing a very good job

At least I didn’t rip Clay Helton in this post.


18 thoughts on “USC Football In Nutshell

  1. This blog in a nutshell.

    1. Not much insider info.
    2. Poor spelling and grammar.
    3. Lots of anonymous sources or imiganary ones.

    But the comments are worth a look!


  2. Special Teams coach won the Wazzou game for the team with that block design and call.

    So there’s that! but why not bash Clay, Scottie! You gotta stay on brand! It’s why we love you!


  3. If I’m reading this correctly, Tee Martin will not call a play when Clancy is hovering over Tees head? And when using a contraction in a sentence, where you are not sure if it is correct grammar, change it to formal language and see whether it is correct. For instance, here’s a few would read better as here are a few.
    Does anybody feel as if we were used to pad a resume’ ? “Look I have followers on a blog.” Oh well it is still vintage Scott Wolf. Happy Monday


  4. Why do all of you mock Wolf? The program is in free fall – this particular blog allows another slot to voice your opinions and as for you ‘Chris’ would that any of us had a job with SI rather than pound away here, anonymously, on a computer keyboard huh?

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  5. Wolf called the Kiffin disaster and the Sark mess … not that it was hard but he did call it
    Everyone knows this Gomer thing is a joke and will end very soon, damn near did Friday


  6. The TV commentators are always praising Clancy Pendergast as some innovative genius who gives the O and opposing QBs all kinds of different looks. So UNLV ran for over 300 yards when everyone in the stadium knew what they were going to do, Stanford lured the Trojans into their kinda game (although the D did play decent), they were pummeled at Texas, and Mike Leach took CP to the woodshed. In short, the opposing teams have dictated terms and style of play with lesser talent and better schemes. I think SW is right on on this one.


  7. Bingo! Clancy’s D is terrible every year. His defenses give up whatever the other team needs. 4th and 1 give up 1.5 yards. 3rd and 15 give up 16 yards or some type of pass interference or personal foul. Need a field goal? Give up a TD. Need a TD? Give up a TD and 2 point conversion. Poorly prepared like rest of team and poor situational awareness


  8. Let’s face it. Nobody in the right mind sees great hope for SC football under Helton. He’s clearly a known quantity now and has very little upside in his coaching and assistant-selecting abilities. He needs to get out of there for the program to change its culture and personality, and to improve the quality of coaching and leadership for the players.


    1. Your Regal Hindness, whom might you employ to replace Helton? The biggest hurdle bozo u faces in its search for Helton’s replacement is to locate a crack HFBC with a really low IQ and a cheap buyout clause.


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