USC Morning Buzz: Where Is Ronald Jones?

Did you know former USC tailback Ronald Jones has not even dressed for the past three weeks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

The rookie second-round draft choice is 100 percent healthy.

The reasons he does not play are pretty simple: Jones is not viewed as being able to block or catch at an NFL level.

These are things that were brought up to USC coaches during Jones’ entire college career.

What did he learn the previous three seasons?


12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Where Is Ronald Jones?

  1. What did he learn? As much as he did, of course, but obviously not from some of the best college coaches in the nation, which doesn’t just apply to him. The lack of player development has been plaguing Helton and his staff right from the beginning, and I reckon it will not improve because they can only teach what and how much they know.

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  2. Why is this being reported on.
    Why is this relevant?

    This is program with weak offensive line blocking so this is no surprise as we all seen how Buck Allen blocked and Justin Davis blocked. They struggled. We all know this O-Line has 3 seniors (2 of them RS) starting and only 15 or 16 teams in CFB have given up more sacks then USC. Soft players who are coached by a soft leader.
    ⚡Callaway should step down.

    But why don’t we (You Also) put the focus into this coaching staff not elevating the play of highly rated players. Pendergast has been a DC good enough to get blown out at Texas recently (Laugh), blown out at Notre Dame, blown out against Alabama, and GIVE UP 7 CONSECUTIVE TD’S IN THEEEEEE……. ROSE BOWL GAME VS PENN STATE. Theeeee…….Rose Bowl game. A USC Football team allowed 7 Touchdowns in the Grandaddy.
    For those who say Pendergast held up against Ohio State? Wrong.
    Ohio State’s QB & WR’s were considered weak links of the offense and we had trouble again with a physical offensive line.

    Clancy “I don’t need to recruit, just get me the players i need” Pendergast should be running at the site of a reporter coming his way. Think about all those players not doing anything that were very high in recruiting ranks. They are just gonna be labled as a bust but it’s on Clancy.
    ⚡Clancy Pendergast should step down and take Ronnie Bradford with him.

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    1. I’d like the entire junta to leave i.e.

      Helton’s fans are mouthing what Mora loved to say “…I’ve (He’s) won more games my (his) 1st three years than any other coach in ucla (USC) history.” A lot easier to do when you play a 12 game schedule and you also get a borderline low performer as one of your OOC games.


  3. SCooter,

    Jones has been in the NFL since April. That is 5 months. Are you saying that the nfl can’t coach him up either? Then he either can’t catch or block and no coaching will get him where he needs to be, or he has had two bad coaching systems. I think he just can’t catch or block myself

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  4. This is a dead blog, Wolf isn’t going to say anything here aside from trying to get you to pay $6 a month to read what he writes.

    This little blurb this morning has nothing to do with USC football in any way


    1. I don’t know why anyone would pay $6.00/month for reporting from someone who rarely ventures on campus. Dan Weber is on campus every day and his “inside” stuff is more incorrect than correct. HH is like the mafia, and only the “made-men” get the accurate inside stuff. Reporters are not, and never will be “made-men”, and unless the corpse of Jim Murray starts attending practice, no reporter will ever get a steady stream of accurate information from HH.

      And at least Dan Weber writes for a site that is populated by some of the craziest individuals in LA, so even if Weber is sometimes used by HH as a stooge for deliberate misinformation, his site is still entertaining.


  5. I thought he was one of those “finished products” that USC didn’t have to touch, like Sammy! Can’t have it both ways. So USC coaches didn’t do anything to develop Sammy, but they screwed up Jones? Classic! Love the brand, baby. Keep it salty!

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    1. Jordan Howard was the leading rusher in the Big 10 in 2015, but he didn’t go until the 6th round precisely because he had un-developed blocking and pass-catching skills.

      The bigger question is, if all that is true, then why did Tampa Bay waste a 2nd round pick on him? The same geniuses who thought drafting a kicker in the 2nd round was a good idea.

      Anyway, I have to cut Helton a little slack on this. Blocking and pass catching as an RB is also about desire, and RJ clearly didn’t care enough to develop this. He was still the best breakaway threat at RB USC has had since Reggie Bush, and it would be stupid to keep him off the field.

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