USC-Washington State Report Card

I’ve done my report card for the game and some of the marks are not pretty, especially for the defense, where some bad trends have emerged through four games.

To see the report card, click here.

13 thoughts on “USC-Washington State Report Card

  1. WTF, Scott? I really enjoy your blog, and you’re mostly spot-on, but I’m not paying some stupid website $6 per month or whatever on a recurring credit card charge to read your blog. It’s B.S. Sorry to see you go this route, Wolf. Disappointing.


  2. Arturo – Right on the money! But is anyone left here now? I’ve enjoyed reading posts from you, SteveG, Rusoviet, and some of the others who came over. The former “Inside USC” had the greatest group of regulars. I think Scott’s last post had hundreds of replies before the Daily News shut it down. Looks like this one is on its way out as well.


  3. Spoiler Alert – you don’t have to pay money. He gives the Coaching Staff and “F” – what else is new? And yes, way to lose your growing user base….


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