Morning Buzz: An Odd Night At USC

USC held its third Presidential Search Advisory Committee listening session Tuesday night on campus.

Most of the meeting focused on things like the fact there is no student representation on the search committee.

But there was an odd moment when a man identified himself as Ed Gilliam and said he played football and baseball at USC in the 1970’s.  One of Gilliam’s concerns was that Notre Dame would hire former USC tailback Anthony Davis as a recruiter.

Where to begin with that? I will just say that I’m sure Rick Caruso, the board chair, did not expect to hear it.

Anyways, let’s look at what Clay Helton said yesterday.

“It’s so important that you make your Pac-12 South games (a priority),” USC coach Clay Helton said. “It’s a very, very important game in our minds.”

A loss at Arizona would be disastrous to the perception USC can turn its season around because of a fairly easy remaining schedule. And the non-demanding schedule is Helton’s biggest hope to keep heat off.

Helton met with USC athletic director Lynn Swann on Saturday. Swann is known to be unhappy with USC’s play the first four games.

But he was known to be unhappy last season and rewarded Helton with a contract extension. Not to mention extensions to offensive coordinator Tee Martin and Clancy Pendergast.

That is why playing struggling Arizona remains a potentially pivotal game: Because of what Helton has to lose.

6 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: An Odd Night At USC

  1. Do some people out there really hate USC? Or has it been doing too well in rankings in recent years so they want to put brakes on it for a while? I can’t help but there’s something behind the scene as to what’s been going on lately.

    Why do I have this feeling SC will lose in the desert this weekend? If SC couldn’t put away UNLV and Washington State that easily, why should I feel it will Arizona?

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  2. SC has sunken to the new lows. In the old days, SC used to look forward to taking on anyone and anywhere and then proceed kicking them in the street. Now, it is just looking forward to winning the south. The confederates felt the same way and see what the north did to them. Will this nightmare ever be over?


  3. “And the non-demanding schedule is Helton’s biggest hope to keep heat off.”

    I think that it may have been more accurate to write: “The non-demanding Helton’s biggest hope is that Arizona play poorly.”


  4. No one can look at the way Gomers team has played during his never ending crap tenure and say ‘ what a good coach ‘ reality is he may be the worst coach in college liege football


    1. The Trojan faithful will have a keen perspective (many already do) on Helton’s head coaching “prowess” after game 8, including games with UCLA and Notre Dame.


  5. Have Helton and staff ever outcoached an opposing team? Has SC won at the line of scrimmage consistently this year? Maybe Helton can put on his big boy hat and, and, and do something.


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