Larry Scott Strikes Again

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott was asked about USC linebacker Porter Gustin’s helmet-to-helmet hit on Washington State quarterback Gardner Minshew. From the Associated Press:

Scott said he had consulted the officiating team about that call. He said every play is reviewed.

“So you can certainly assume that play got a lot of looks, not just from the replay booth at the stadium, but we’ve got our command center back in San Francisco with our head of officiating and a bunch of experienced replay guys, who absolutely would have looked at that play,” he said.

He said it also was looked at afterward and it was not determined to be targeting.


You can watch the play below:

7 thoughts on “Larry Scott Strikes Again

  1. Actually looking at it multiple times you can see the shoulder hits first. The helmet to helmet contact is incidental.. The only reason targeting was called in Texas is because bubba ref wanted to lose the aggressive player. The hit in that game wasn’t targeting but the helmet came off So people react to what they think they see. Real targeting requires the player to lower the helmet and lead with it. Shoulders should not make contact until after the helmet hits.
    When I first read this I didn’t know it was in reference to the Washington St. game. Now after reading the whole story I agree with Larry Scott….in this one.


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