10 Things USC Needs To Fix To Beat Arizona


8 thoughts on “10 Things USC Needs To Fix To Beat Arizona

  1. You link is ‘all code’ Scott…look we’re stuck with ‘gollleee’ for at least another 2 years until a new president sees the loss in football’s full impact on the entire university’s athletics. Man Helton is truly out of his league and always shall be.


  2. Yes that’s it. Clancy has no idea how to pressure the quarterback without blitzing. He’s only been a d coordinator in major college football and the NFL. You should take the job, or at the very least drop him a scheme or two to help out.


  3. 10. Coach the players better. Oh wait, left Chuma be Chuma and let the players play.
    9. Fix the entrance gate for the students.
    8. Coach the OLine
    7. Paging Lynn Swann
    6. How bad is Larry Scott
    5. Lynn Swann is calling the offensive plays
    (A former coach told me)
    4. Fly first class like the 49ers used to
    3. Sign up for point #2, its only 5.99 a month
    1. Block better, according to a former OLineman


  4. 1-10 Compete, compete compete, compete, compete. Open up competitions at every position, open up competition at every position, open up competition at every position, open up competition at every position. See what Dabo did at Clemson to his starting QB.


  5. Arturo,

    The players can compete all day long but still have the same results that we see on game day. It is the coaching that needs to ensure what they are doing is the best in the nation. They have to be better coaches than the other college coaches. Unfortunatley, we don’t even have the equilvnacy of Big West coaches.


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