Morning Buzz: Pick The USC-Arizona Score

I will make my pick later today. But now is your turn.

USC is a big favorite on paper but will that translate tonight at Arizona Stadium?

Meanwhile, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott, who put his foot in his mouth last weekend when he said Porter Gustin’s hit on Washington State QB Gardner Minshew was not targeting, did damage control before the UCLA-Colorado game on Friday night.

Scott: “Unfortunately my comments were interpreted to be saying that the conference had officially reviewed and I or the conference office had officially determined that it was a correct no call, and that was the final word, and that’s not the case.

“What I sought to do was to explain that not only was that call was reviewed, every call is reviewed, by replay in the stadium, replay at the command center back in San Francisco. And just because a play isn’t stopped, and it’s not buzzed down, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t reviewed. And I commented that I checked to make sure that process had actually taken place, and it had.”


12 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Pick The USC-Arizona Score

    1. Thanks to Haden and Swann we’re stuck with the incompetent coach and his hand-picked lousy staff due to that perv gynecologist impending settlements that will ensure Helton is there thru 2021.

      Helton looks like the equipment mgr..


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