My USC-Arizona Pick

USC is easily more talented. USC should win this game.

So there are a couple things to consider: Can the USC coaches screw things up enough for Arizona to pull off an upset? Will Arizona possibly play better than in its first four games?

Is Khalil Tate going to be 100 percent and allowed to scramble? Will USC get pressure on him unlike other games this season?

The only reason I would not take USC is the screw-up factor of the coaches. So until USC wins a road game, I will take Arizona, 34-31.

10 thoughts on “My USC-Arizona Pick

  1. I will actually take Arizona, too. The team hasn’t got me convinced it can put even mediocre teams away with ease until some late game heroics by a few players. And Arizona will undoubtedly play inspired at home tonight.

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  2. I’m thinking tonight is a good opportunity to do the “Tailback U” thing. It’s beyond time that we had a 100 yard rusher this year and UA looks like our huckleberry. You could probably have two 100 yard rushers against UA if you wanted to. In fact, damn the score, if we throw the ball more than 20 times AND rush for less than 200 yards tonight, there’s a real problem here. If you want to indict coaches, watch THOSE numbers against THIS team. There’s no good reason why we can’t dominate, control and ultimately blow this team out. It’s time, let’s see it.


  3. Watching the Nd/Stanford game. From what I’m seeing and with sc’s key stone cop mentality for offense, there will be a beat down on USC by the Irish. Nd 49, USC 14


  4. Wolf wrong again on your prediction. It felt like a loss after almost blowing a 24 – 0 lead with some terrible coaching on the sidelines.


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