Discuss The USC-Arizona Game

UPDATED: What an utter joke of performance.

How can Clay Helton be proud of a mere 24-20 victory over Arizona?

This was a disaster. I guarantee you Lynn Swann is disgusted. He won’t do anything but he is disgusted.

USC had 18 penalties for 169 yards.

If you have some comments on tonight’s game, feel free to start here.

PREVIOUSLY: USC is going to win but what is with all the penalties? There were 13 for 137 yards in three quarters!

Another sloppy effort.

45 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Arizona Game

  1. Rod Gilmore and Adin Amir work really well together – best tandem I’ve heard on TV in a long time esp. Gilmore – solid insight instead of the usual banal nonsense i.e. Dan Fouts skill set.


    1. They were the absolutely worst set of homer announcers. So anti -Trojans it was ridiculous throughout the entire game. Maybe once commented the
      officials blew a sure penalty on Arizona early in the game. Were you watching the game on Russian TV?


  2. I thought Helton’s team had reached its pinnacle for winning and losing ugly last season, but boy was I dead wrong!!! This is the new high of winning ugly. Boring as hell to watch, too, with stupid penalties and no discipline! Helton must go!!!

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  3. It’s time for Helton to go. Nice guy, good morals, but 18 penalties 5 weeks in and a consistent inability to close out games against under skilled opponents will never get Troy back to a playoff position

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  4. This game was so bad, I was laughing as it wound down…head coach gets a 15 yard sideline penalty?
    Helton will say all the right (in his mind–which is in denial) things…how proud he is…blah blah blah…how they need to clean up the penalties…it’s been a rough stretch because they had to play (3) out of their first (5) games on the road…more blah…apparently, the standard of excellence for USC football has been reduced to how many victories they have over the south division of the Pac 12…SC used to play for National Championships…now….winning the anemic and pathetic Pac 12 south is the goal… if I wasn’t watching this unfold, I wouldn’t believe it…the entire coaching staff needs to be fired–TONIGHT, when they land at LAX… make the coaching staff and the AD walk home….

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    1. Nobody’s getting fired until the end of the season. The earliest it would happen is if by some miracle ucla blows us out which will not happen. So after the Notre Dame game is the most realistic time the firings will occur if at all. The south is still ours to lose so everybody is keeping their jobs until that’s no longer the case. Firing them all tonight would never happen with so many more meaningful games to be played. That would be a disaster & the players don’t deserve that. No new coach is coming in with a new staff & new systems & new playbooks & schemes. That makes zero sense. Keep dreaming


      1. Hey handsome, where the hell have you been? You just perfectly described the current situation and you’re so well named too. I can’t add anything to your post other than a compliment. It was nice to see this among the ravings.


      2. I think most readers know my facetious comment about firing everybody was a reference to Kiffin getting canned on the tarmac… nobody’s getting fired because the “south is still ours to lose.” The new standard of achievement at USC, winning the south…

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  5. You picked them to lose and they didn’t so they outperformed your expectations Mr. “Utter Joke”.

    It looked like SC turned the corner in the first half, the penalties needed to be cleaned up but they were physical & dominant. The second half was a different story. Arizona had no business getting back into the game and the lack of discipline is inexcusable. I’ve never seen a team this poorly disciplined & I’m a diehard Raider fan!


      1. Oh no, Real Bozo that hurts. I have friends in Alabama and they’ve heard of UCLA. When I mentioned USC, they mentioned Univ . of South Carolina played good FB.


    1. And UCLA scored a TD!

      My Rev: B UCLA FB W/L prediction: 3 – 9, and score a TD in every game.

      How about the 1 – 3 Piglet? In his latest game, he goes 17 – 34 for 167 yds (4.9yd avg), one TD and is sacked 3 times for 23 yds in an ugly loss to Jackville. The Piglet’s ESPN QBR for the game: 15.6. The Jets were so lucky to sign the Piglet for 30 mil.


  6. It’s year 3 with Helton., the year all good coaches make their programs turn the corner (i.e Carroll, Meyer, Saban, etc.). Swanny needs to sit down with Gomer and let him know that he has the rest of the season to prove that his program “turned the corner”, with the final exam being the ND game. It’s obvious that the fan base doesn’t think Gomer is a viable coach.

    $5.99 are you out of your mind????!!!


  7. Well I think Arizona is trying hard to create a hostile environment but they are bot good at it. Their third down roar was more of a purr. The USC band was limited to a pep band and never took the field. Our section was loaded with seat fillers mostly from group homes and half way houses. The refs were obviously homer refs and maybe even pop warner training. But they tried.
    Speaking of trying isn’t Toa’s tryout at center done? We aren’t under sanctions anymore lets shed the play the whole game mentality and put others in.


  8. I am not a proponent of Fake News and the media, but obviously Clay Helton is: First, it was a good road victory. Second, it was a hostile environment. Third, he was trying to protect JT Daniels from this hostile environment. Fourth, two bye week practices will solve this team’s problems.

    Welcome to Paul Hackett 2.0



  9. Happy to see Ware and Carr break out. That, and the fact, that the performance was so awful that it brought back some of the old regulars from previous years to post here, are the only positives.

    18 penalties.
    5-15 3rd down conversions
    3 lost fumbles.

    This is about as depressing as ’99, when Trojans lost 5 straight – and it still took another year for Hackett to get fired.

    On the other hand, look at the crosstown “rivals”. Perhaps the worst Power 5 team ever?


    1. Now, now, UCLA will have to lose more than 12 games to wear “…the worst Power 5 team ever?” crown. However, UCLA will never wrest the most overrated Div 1,2 & 3 NCAA FB team tin can, I mean crown, that bozo u proudly wears.


  10. Not to look too far ahead, but the new QB at Notre Dame is doing for ND what Sam did for USC. We’re going to get smashed against ND if this shyt continues. Stanford, the team up north that we call tough guys, went to South Bend and got that work. In other words, ND broke Stanford like a stick you break using your hands and knee. I heard the loud, dry snap from here and it wasn’t a pleasant sound. Meanwhile, USC has to hang on against a bad team with a running QB who can’t run. Where the F is the pride? Maybe if you guys stick your heads further up your asses you can find some. IDK, you might as well take a good look around while you’re up there.

    In the past, I’ve only liked bye weeks when they are timely for the team, but that’s not the case now. By all means, stay the F off of TV. Next Saturday, you don’t have to call, it’s okay girl…


    1. I agree with you CR about ND being better, but Stanford had won the last 3 between the two and had just come off a tough trip to Eugene (albeit a win). Reminds me of last year when SC got smashed in South Bend, then the Irish got pummeled in South Beach. Neither result was fully indicative of where any of the three were really at last year. Speaking of last year, the Irish were similarly beat down last year in Palo Alto (38-20) so turnabout is fairplay. The Irish are better and will beat down the men of Troy unless something changes.


      1. Stanford has had a tough stretch of games and they were game against ND for 3 quarters. I can’t draw any conclusions from last year that will supersede what I saw last Saturday. ND has a real team and they are better than us at several positions. I saw in ND the best team we’ll see this season and as you know, we’re not at all prepared to face them.


  11. We tried our best to give the game away, but Arizona is so horrible they couldn’t capitalize. How many points did we score after halftime? And you have to love those 2nd half “adjustments,” especially on offense. If we play like this the rest of the season – we are going to be lucky to finish .500.

    I disagree with a mid-season coaching change possibility, though. I think Helton could be termed before the end of the season with an interim coach on staff taking over, for example if we drop our next three games (Colorado, Utah, ASU). Would the backfill be Drevno? Pendergast? I can almost guarantee it won’t be Martin. And the remainder of the season would be ‘audition time’ for that staff…which could be motivating.


  12. The epitome of the incompetency of the head coach and coaching staff was when it was fourth down with 40 seconds left in the first half. Sc should have called a time out and that would have forced a punt. But they let it tick down and then az goes for it and they kick a field goal which was blocked. They had an opportunity and did not take advantage of it


  13. Two examples in LA of what a coach can do to a team:

    Helton has turned the Trojans into a mess that is difficult to watch

    McVay has turned the Rams into the favorite to win the Super Bowl

    Neither one of them had been a head coach before….and one of them should not be one now.

    Brilliant move by USC to bump everyone’s ticket prices and dump a bunch of money into suites. Who wants to watch the USC mess, much less pay more to watch it?

    What has happened to USC’s once proud tradition? It has:

    Interim president
    Figure head as AD
    Medical school dean doing drugs
    Physician at student clinic molesting people
    And a guy who seems better prepared to run a picnic than a major D1 football program as head football coach


    I’m calling UNCLE!


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