Was That The Worst USC Win In Recent Memory?

How do you get back the hours spent last night watching USC beat Arizona, 24-20, last night?

It was an awful display for the Trojans, who should have cruised to a victory. Instead, it was another display of the pratfalls that always characterize Clay Helton-led performances.

So what wins were worse?

22 thoughts on “Was That The Worst USC Win In Recent Memory?

  1. When will one of the reporters finally ask Helton why a team with this much talent is playing without discipline and organization. Five weeks into the season and we are worse than we were when we played UNLV. And, we were mostly crappy in that game figuring the level of the competition.


  2. I am a huge fan of Clay as a person, but he’s not a head coach. The old saying that nice guys finish last seems to be in play right now.


  3. Unfortunately, there are several candidates for “worst win”, in the last few years.

    Lack of discipline, lack of organization, lack of planning, and failure to respond to game situations has characterized this team for years. No reason to expect that any of this will change. It is incredibly depressing to watch this.


  4. Wolf, can you please find out how far JT Daniels can throw a football? Where does he max out? He keeps giving away easy touchdowns by under throwing deep balls to wide open receivers. Those should be easy passes unless you just can’t throw the ball that far and someone should be asking the question at this point. Those completions change the complexion of games and he keeps missing them. I’ve pointed this same thing out since game one and it’s still happening. I know a little bit more now and JT’s best passes are his intermediate passes, but the deep ball just isn’t there. Those underthrown deep balls are one of the most frustrating things you’ll ever deal with as a receiver. You do the work to get free, run a long way and it’s like your QB took an easy touchdown away from you. It’s supposed to be easy money when you get behind the defense like that and we keep getting behind the defense like that. Seriously, I don’t know how Pittman handled it, but I’d be getting after my QB at this point. Freshman or not, that’s BS. That’s not a really complicated thing unless you just can’t throw a ball from here to there. Maybe the kid just can’t chuck it that far. What do we know about it?

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    1. That was very evident in the game against TX when the USC receiver ‘somehow’ caught a ball lying on his back that had ‘pick’ written all over it – the ball seemed to take 5+ seconds from the time it left Daniels arm to impact – he cannot throw a deep pass with strength – age? Maybe but then how was this not evident in the practice prior to the start of the year?


    2. Well, Daniels didn’t seem to have problem underthrowing his WR’s last year at Mater Dei. What it is, is that as soon as he got to USC and began tutelage under Helton…he immediately started to regress. LOL!

      What is most likely the problem is that Clay Helton, Neil Callaway and Tee Martin , between the three of them…not a one of them has a clue as to how to provide Daniels some pass protection so that he doesn’t have to worry about being pulverized every time he drops back to pass.


      1. There’s a link to Daniels throwing some deep passes. The priblem is not Daniels, it’s Helton’s incompetent coaching throwing everyone’s timing off.


      2. I know that everyone is upset with the coaches, but what I’m talking about has nothing to do with them. This is a player to player thing. As a WR, I spend all day trying to free myself from this DB and when I do, I need the ball when and where I need it. It’s your job as QB to get it to me when and where I need it. Under-throwing me and bringing me back to that DB is almost like a betrayal. I’m not asking you to thread a needle, just put some air under it and I’ll go get it. I don’t ever want to break stride or slow down and wait for the ball and the defense. I had to WORK for this position, I’m only going to get 2 to 5 targets all game and you damn well better be seeing me and hitting me when I’m open. I could come back to an underthrown ball, make a great catch, shake the DB, score a TD and I’ll STILL be upset at my QB for that pass. If you keep wasting my efforts like that, I’m going to come see you and express myself. Once or twice is one thing, but EVERY freaking game this is happening. Put the damn ball out there for me and stop giving the DBs better opportunities than you’re giving me. All of this is moot if he just doesn’t have the arm strength and that’s why I’m asking the question.


    3. Hate to say I told you so. But I mentioned Daniels has small hands and his tendency to balloon his long throws prior to the bozo first game. This was evident from video highlights broadcast by local news/sports programming. His wobbly, high trajectory balloons force his receivers to backtrack on long routes and helps opponent D-backs recover from mistakes.

      PS: I’m aware UCLA is 0 – 4, but the Bruins had zero delusions of playing for the 2018 NCAA FB NC.


  5. It’s a true embarrassment. This coaching staff needs to go now. It is hard to watch a game and the coaches should be held accountable. I feel bad for some of the seniors that have not been taught properly and it really shows on the field.


  6. Remind me why USC let Ed Orgeron go?

    He has LSU 5-0… meanwhile Gomer is on the USC sidelines looking as though he does not even understand the rules of the game. Worse, the team has taken on his personality.


    1. Ed learned at MS you need to hire a really solid staff and the money at LSU enables him to do so – give him credit – he’s learned and he’s winning.

      Helton is a disaster and it’s never going to change – he’s in way over his head and we’re stuck with him.


      1. The real problem here is Athletic Director, Lynn Swann, who does not have the balls to fire Helton. In time, they will show Swanee the door for not taking charge and getting rid of Gomer.


  7. Just as I gave Biggie props, he revisits last year. He didn’t even have to touch the receiver on the would be interception. He had inside position, saw it the whole way, the receiver was falling out of the play anyway and he had every opportunity to play it clean and create a signature play. That is what’s been missing from his resume and he blew it getting grabby again. So, was is just a visit back to the past or was it back to the future?

    Speaking of missed opportunities and the future… #4 won’t see many easier opportunities than the one he had on the tip drill. I’m surprised he didn’t want that one, and he got a little crispy out there too. Levi Jones was flashing and looking like a difference maker-to-be. He had a good look at a pick if Cam hadn’t gotten a hand on the ball first. There were just all kinds of turnovers and points that the team left on the field. We’re incredibly wasteful and inefficient overall. It makes us miss out on huge plays on both sides of the ball. Those are the plays that allow you to beat teams by 40 because they break hearts and hopes. We’re fighting ourselves and that makes everything a grind.


  8. Daniels is young and no QB likes to get hit, but once he does, he starts throwing off his back foot to avoid getting hit again–even when there’s not that much pressure…All season I’ve heard about what touch he had on the deep ball…how deep is a deep ball, anymore? Under this coaching staff and Athletic Dept., everything is being redefined…alas, all is not lost…the Helton’s are 1-0 in the Pac 12 south and winning the south is all that matters…


    1. I heard one of the announcers at the beginning of the game say he had great touch on his deep ball. I couldn’t believe he said that, but he did.


  9. The ultimate incompetency for me was that ax had 4 th down with 2:40 left in the first half. Sc had three time outs. Helton should have called time out immediately. That would have forced ax to punt. Helton did and ax drives the ball for a field goal but it was blocked. Daniels hold the ball too long because the receivers are just running posts for twenty yards. No curls, no slants , no square ins or outs. Everything has to be a bomb. Let Daniels call his own game because Martin has no clue


  10. If Isaiah Langley had caught either of his two very easy interceptions, SC wold have likely won by 12 – 14 points. They just took their foot off the gas pedal.


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