USC Morning Buzz

The kickoff for the USC-Colorado game will be 7:30 p.m. The game will be televised on Fox Sports 1.

Meanwhile, USC has a bye this week. This is normally the time you fix mistakes. What is USC capable of fixing with this staff?

When you commit 18 penalties in the fifth game, you are making mistakes that tend to be constant. That is why USC always seems to have false starts and personal fouls every week.

USC’s 18 penalties against Arizona are the most for an FBS team in a single game since 2016 when Arkansas State committed 18 vs. Utah State.

Meanwhile, I write that the Pac-12’s College Football Playoff hopes might already be finished. Full story here

7 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz

  1. The biggest mistake is allowing this Coach and his staff to continue being employed at USC. I recall that Lane Kiffin was fired on the tarmac of LAX at this same point in the season. The same should be done with Helton.


  2. 7:30 PM games and other late starting games is another level of hell.

    Heritage Hall should be ashamed at allowing three games in a row to start at 7:30 PM.


    1. That’s what happens when we put a shitty product on the field. TV networks are the ones who control these shitty kickoff times. With USC playing the way they are, and the opponent being Colorado, this is not a marquee matchup.


      1. They should put this game on at 11 AM then. USC played Utah State a few years ago at that time.

        The late games are just starting to drag. No one wants to give up their Saturday night out somewhere else or hoof it home on a Saturday night close to midnight from a football game. Three games in a row is just bad for the fans.


      2. Oh, and one other thing. No one on the East Coast or other parts of the country will be watching this game. The TV contract was supposed to give the Pac – 12 more exposure. But not when you put the games on at an inconvenient time like 10:30 EST.

        No one in NYC is going to stay home on a Saturday night to watch a west coast football game at that time.


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