Would You Believe USC Is Only Practicing Twice This Week?

I wrote a column today on the fact USC is practicing only Tuesday and Wednesday despite an error-filled performance vs. Arizona.

You can read it at USC247.com.


16 thoughts on “Would You Believe USC Is Only Practicing Twice This Week?

  1. Oh because they went to war in the desert.
    Totally understandable.
    They played they’re hearts out.
    Seriously….what makes them think they need rest in such a big number of off days after getting embarrassed saturday.
    Toa Lobedahn was manhandled in the 4th quarter when that DE beat Austin Jackson. That Oline is soft and couldn’t punch their way out of a wet paperbag at the moment. They need extra time on the field to work on getting it together.

    On a brighter note.
    ✌Big ups to Acacedric Ware and Iman Marshall. They played really tough and are improving!


    1. Good comparison.

      One thing Helton did right was argue bad calls for once. It took him 3+ years but that was a step in the right direction. But then again when your team has 18 penalties for 169 yards (wow! one hundred and sixty nine) you should probably act like you’re angry in case Lynn Swann is watching.

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      1. I doubt any official or coach takes Helton seriously whatsoever.

        Look at the legacy programs nationally: AL, MI, OH St., OK, NE, notre dame, PA St., Miami – USC is the sole program with a true top-tier pedigree that has no real quality head coach in Helton.

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    1. Conspiracy hmm well to quote another per that very tenor… “…Conspiracy is a small but durable seller, retooled every year or so….” John Gregory Dunne….

      Mind you I too would love to see this poor fool gone but hey a$3.8 is a lot of money!


  2. This is probably a good thing. The more they practice, the more bad advice our players absorb. The players are clearly running the show.
    In other news I was harsh with Toa in my comments. However, after watching the video I see he did a good job. Yeah when he jogged to the sidelines and took of his helmet I could see a future for him in shampoo commercials. I wonder how he sees where he is snapping with his lion mane hair over his eyes….oh that’s what’s wrong never mind and Fight on


  3. Yeah, so? If you want to make an argument, you have to lay a foundation. Sort of like this: “When Nick Saban has a bye week, he always runs 4 -5 practices.” In its absence, you’re spitting in the wind.


  4. This is all about coaching and leadership, which SC seems to have NONE. “USC’s 18 penalties against Arizona are the most an FBS team has committed in a game since Week 3 of 2016. This USC team is well below the program’s standard … and yet it’s still a good bet to win the South.” Not sure if SC can win the South, but this season has gotten really bad. Where is Lynn Swann? This really is worse than Kiffin and Sark. Who actually thought Helton was HC material? Now he’s helping turn SC into and after thought in the PAC. Even my kid can see it. That AZ game was horrible.


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