10 Things USC Needs To Fix During Its Bye Week

You can read my full story on right here on USC247.com.

Excerpt: “3.) Get some discipline

This could be a weekly feature. But it’s hard to lecture the team about penalties when the coach is getting a sideline interference penalty in the fourth quarter. Or when a senior (Tyler Petite) commits a false start coming out of a timeout. Does USC need to commit a personal foul every week?”‘

Full story here.


4 thoughts on “10 Things USC Needs To Fix During Its Bye Week

  1. I remember the offensive line doing a solid job when Drevno coached them. I hated to see him leave. That is why Harbaugh grabbed him. As an offensive coordinator no, but o-line yes. The o-line regressed when he left.


  2. How about USC getting it’s act together, get out from under the mess Max Nikias created and hire a real Athletic Director who has the balls to bring the Trojans football program back to prominence instead of leaving it in the hands and under the direction of a second rate know nothing head coach and his incompetent staff.


  3. Discipline, intensity, physicality, better o schemes, mix the defense up, coach up the o line, be head coach not an assistant coach.


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