USC Tweet Of The Day


I would argue the opposite is true right now. USC is the perfect place to come to be average.


7 thoughts on “USC Tweet Of The Day

  1. Tough to argue with the NFL wide receivers that Tee has generated. But sure, you can be cranky about it because Clay is the head coach who signed most of ’em.

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  2. On KSPN 710 AM today I caught the tail end of Helton being interviewed – when he was asked about where the program is now versus expectations Helton went into his patented “…we’ve won 10+ games each year…a Rose Bowl….Pac-12 CG…’ Very adroitly doesn’t speak about the blow out losses that have wrecked each of his 3+ years as head coach – 2016 AL….2017 notre dame and OH St. and 2018 TX and Stanford.

    After Helton signs off ESPN’s ‘Trevor’ (there’s a red flag first name) Matich was all over anyone calling for Helton to be replaced. He stated Helton is the one that will and shall ‘….bring USC back…’ –


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