USC Morning Buzz: How Are The Fans Doing?

I spoke to a USC booster on Wednesday who said, “I will not go to another USC game until changes are made.”

He went to four-or-five home games last season sitting in the big donor seats.

I spoke to another die-hard USC fan who said, “I am off the bandwagon. I never expect good things to happen any more.”

Is this indicative of USC fans or merely two isolated examples? It’s always hard to base much on individual interviews.

I will say this: I bet the crowds are not great for the remaining home games, except for maybe Notre Dame.


26 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: How Are The Fans Doing?

  1. Bandwagon fans! I’ll tell you what, I’m in Section 21, and I’ll be at every remaining home game, and I’ll be at the Oregon State game (making the all-Pac-12-site tour). No, we’re not elite now, but we’re fighting on. Stop pouting that we’re not Alabama. Keep working, and keep supporting your team.

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    1. They suck – and we’re stuck with ‘Uncle Goofy’ through at least, 2019….you go be ‘…at every remaining home game…’ and yeah baby mosey on up to OR St..

      Whatever it takes to get this joke of a head coach sacked is all that matters.


  2. I am a 1979 graduate of USC, and have been a continuous season ticket holder since 1982 (after graduating law school and returning to Los Angeles). I pay this university OVER $11,000.00 a year for my season tickets. I’ve been fed up with the likes of Ted Tollner, Larry Smith, Paul Hackett, Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, and now Clay Helton. The university should be paying me to attend football games. I now have to put up with this nonsense of seating reduction at the Coliseum, extortion coming in the form of a Trojan Athletic Fund “donation” and personal seat licenses. I’m sick of the crap dealing with removed President, Max Nikias, the former Medical School Dean partying with Twinks in Pasadena, the sexual assault of female students at the school’s medical clinic, the latest scandal coming out of the School of Social Work involving the son of L.A. Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, and the disaster left by Pat Haden, and the now Lynn Swann. Am I fed up ? You bet I am ! I’m just glad kids in the family now attend Stanford. I’d rather make that drive up the 101 freeway and enjoy a university that doesn’t have so many issues (self created).

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      1. Funny, unlike McNair there was never ever any ‘public blowback’ per Haden plundering that non-profit Mayr Foundation….they let him keep ‘re-molding’ the C9oliseum…in ‘his image’ right?

        Want to make a statement aside from sacking Nikias and that perv gynecologist, the happy med school director and his 20+ girl friend of how things have changed at USC from the West 28th St. stranglehold? Then how about publicly shaming that elitist Haden for what he did to that foundation.


    1. Please, just don’t become a Stanford snob. They think they don’t stink. I’m sure u won’t either. Thank u. Why drive up when u can fly into San Jose, catch a game and come home the same day? That is what I do. Thank u


  3. It’s going to be a long time with the current people in place. I’d rather watch David Shaw along the sidelines than Clay Helton.


  4. Who says there are any fans left? I have been a fan since the 60’s and I remember the respect that Mckay had from his peers. I remember the machines from the 60’s through the 70’s. U could bet ur house money knowing that SC is winning. I saw some excellent players. Pete did the same thing. But the administration can’t even hire a janitor correctly let alone a head football coach. Until the adm. gets serious about football, SC will be subpar

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    1. Little Petey Pom-Pom up 12 points on Tixas with 10 minutes to go………..

      All Little Petey had to do is punk UCLA for a lock bid to the BCS Championship Game but, but……….

      Little Petey was a 45 pt. fav vs Stanford at the Crumbling Mausoleum, but, but……..

      Last but not least, Little Petey Pom-Pom didn’t know squat!


  5. I flew from out of town to most home and several away games from 2001 to 2009. I live in the central US. In a letter to Pat Haden, I said I couldn’t support Lane Kiffin (who SC marketing department promoted as the “Visor” and an equal to Jones, McKay, Robinson and Carroll. Scott Wolf should post the T-shirt that said this) as someone to lead young men and represent USC. I dropped my season tickets and cardinal and gold membership.

    I haven’t renewed any of it since that day. I could excuse the abomination of the new Colisuem design. I can’t excuse the joke of coaching our players receive. We recruit amazing athletes and they get no coaching. Zero.

    Why not go get an experienced coach and veteran assistants? Nothing against Helton and his coaches as people, but we all know they don’t deserve to be at SC. Even Pete screwed the pooch when he swapped out real assistant coaches for terrible ones.

    Yes, fans deserve better. But forget us for one minute. How about the players? Look at Ronald Jones. He better save his money as he will never be a productive NFL player. That one is on the coaches. Period.

    I still watch every game on TV and wear my old SC clothes. But no more dollars as it is the only way to protest.

    Lynn, say it so that you won’t go hire Bob Stoops or another experience coach to give our players (and fans) the best experience possible.

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  6. The main problem for Helton’s SC teams is that the games are simply not fun to watch! They play ugly and messy with stupid penalties, boneheaded mistakes, the inabilities to put away weak teams when they need to and let them crawl back into the games in the second half, totally predictable and unimaginative playcalling, and etc., etc… So no, those few guys’ opinions are not exceptional. They simply speak for all of us.

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  7. I have 6 season ticket. Been a ticket holder for 16 years. This will be my last. No one wants to go to the games. The team has been horrible and Helton is clueless.


  8. I feel like the Mud Dog’s mascot from the Waterboy when they were a really bad team……. except I don’t drink. But you get the point.


  9. It’s a pretty sad day when you can see better team effort, discipline and coaching watching Fordham vs Georgetown on TV. As a long time SC fan, I really miss Trojan football.


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