Did You Know?

Defensive lineman Connor Murphy has played in just two of USC’s five games?

Murphy was a four-star recruit and Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh famously spent the night at his house on his home visit. His brother, Trent, was an All-American at Stanford. If you want to say players are not developing under the current regime, he is Exhibit No. 1.


11 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. Or – he’s just flat out not as good as his teammates. If you feel that he’s better than the players who are in his position and who see the field, go ahead and say it. If not, I’ll say to you that there are plenty of 4-star and 5-star kids who simply don’t pan out. It’s a reality. Try again, Scottie!

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  2. When you have the wrong coach in the team it’s not just a thing or two that goes wrong, but just about everything does. In other words, a lousy head coach does everything wrong hiring the wrong assistants, underdeveloping the players, losing the control of the team resulting in the lack of discipline, and of course, performing way below the team’s potential in actual games. Incapable people usually mess up just about everything, not just a few things.

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    1. That is so true in any endeavor in life and thanks to a similarly wrong president/athletic director/ it has now 1000% impacted the university to a horrible state of paralysis


  3. The Wolf principle on recruiting rankings:

    You sign a lot of highly rated guys: Doesn’t matter, recruiting rankings don’t mean anything.

    A highly rated guy doesn’t work out: You must be a bad coach because highly rated guys should always work out.


    1. Well, I don’t know about the skill set of a ‘…highly rated guy…’ BUT this is year 3+ of this regime and the head coach is just as inept playing big teams while barely beating average programs as he was in 2015.

      These are all his: recruits, coaching staff, practice regimen, accountability, special teams, preparation for top-tier opponents – nothing’s changed sinc3 Sarkisian got sacked and frankly, as long as Clay Helton is USV’s head coach, nothing will.


  4. Murphy is slower than molasses and would have been buried at Michigan or any other Bowl subdivision program. Betiku might be a better example of underdeveloping a player. Of course playing only two down linemen doesn’t help and Pendergast not recruiting players that fit his scheme makes the problem worse.


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