If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Here is my USC notes column, which can be found at USC247.com.

Excerpt: “Imagine if USC were located in Philadelphia or New York?

Why? Because the media coverage would be much tougher on USC coach Clay Helton.

Helton blinked this week, under just a little media scrutiny, because he held only two bye week practices.

All of a sudden Wednesday, after the second and final practice, he said “we’ve had three really good days of practice.”

Three? The light Monday practice, which is not even listed on the media practice schedule, was a “full bore” practice according to Helton.”

Full column here


19 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Scott keep hitting this overpaid clown Helton – might get some other scribes to light into him. I know if the old H-E were still around there would have been a much rougher assessment of his lack of skill set and his overweight OC Martin.

    Make Helton’s life miserable – he deserves it getting paid $3.8 mil for what?

    BTW I’d say the Times has been rough very rough overall towards USC per all the scandals. Never any follow-up per Haden’s plunder of Mayr Foundation – juts good ole’ Pat polishing his scale model of his ideas for renovating the Coliseum away from any public blowback for that awful stunt he pulled for over 10 years.

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      1. You got it Jake and no public blowback for Haden unlike what he had no problem meting out when he was ‘in charge’. Nikias let him slink off to continue ‘designing’ the Coliseum with only the announcement that he was no longer ’employed by USC’ – well then what allows him to have any dealings with the Coli?

        USC’s deep state starts with Haden….

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      1. Pudly, good to see you back. I know I gave you a cheap shot when we last spoke and I’m sorry about that. I had a client waiting and I didn’t give you the time, thought or treatment you deserve. My bad. Welcome back.

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      2. I don’t remember any cheap shots by you. I’ve always enjoyed the fact you discussed real football as opposed to so many these days. We actually could discuss something without agreeing. Novelty these days in sports or politics I guess.
        I just don’t post anywhere much and actually prefer it this way as all the boards have become so negative. Season is just too short and I don’t find it enjoyable or interesting to hear the same thing over and over.


  2. There isn’t a shred of integrity among Times sports writers. For some time they have sacrificed honest, factual reporting by pandering to SC’s coaches and players to ensure “access”. They subordinated their opportunity to add value and do good with hard hitting factual pieces for what our group calls “cream puff” pieces. No guts.


  3. Word is that when Michigan loses to Ohio St. this will be Jim Harbaugh’s last season and Michigan will look to replace him with Chris Petersen.


  4. It’s almost like you’re saying, “Woe is me. Nobody reads my column like they do to the real pros in my profession who live in Philly or New York.” Not like Los Angeles is the 2nd largest media market in the world. Up your game a little bit, Scottie. Work at it. Alan Malamud was widely read across the country – he had a great style of his own. Jim Murry might be in a league of his own – don’t think you’re going to catch him. But work at it!


  5. Tom Herman has Texas rolling over Oklahoma like had the Longhorns rolling over Helton and his incompetent staff.

    USC could have easily had Tom Herman running the Trojans football program, instead Lynn Swann settled on second rate Clay Helton.

    Lynn Swann is an idiot and a big a disaster as Pat Haden.


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