Jack Jones Sentenced

Former USC cornerback Jack Jones was sentenced Friday to 90 days in the Ventura County Jail for breaking into a Panda Express restaurant in Santa Paula.

A judge reduced the charge from a felony to a misdeameanor. Jones’ attorney has asked for the sentence to be served in home confinement instead of a prison, which should be granted because Jones has no prior criminal history.

Jones is enrolled at Moorpark College and hopes to transfer to a four-year university for the spring semester.


14 thoughts on “Jack Jones Sentenced

  1. Blame the coaches on this as well. If they instilled discipline and told Jones to play and not run his mouth or he would sit, then maybe that would have helped


  2. Uh oh! Score warning for Scottie! If Texas upsets Oklahoma, it sort of throws Scottie’s anti USC narrative into chaos, doesn’t it. I guess going into Austin in front of 103K might have been tougher than Scottie thought. oh boy!


    1. Hey rents, the rose bowl looked empty on Saturday. I’m sure, you and the crew did an outstanding job keeping the shiters clean


      1. Still preaching moral victories…..pathetic

        Same old dog and pony show. Surprise us, try something different.


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