USC Saturday Buzz

USC will not lose today or commit a penalty. That is progress for the Trojans.

Serra cornerback Max Williams, who tore his ACL at the beginning of the season, committed to USC today.

Clay Helton was at San Juan Hills High School in San Juan Capistrano on Friday night to watch offensive tackle Sean Rhyan (6-5, 300). UCLA coach Chip Kelly was also at San Juan Hills.

I’m guessing if USC wants a lineman from South Orange County, it will get him.


11 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz

  1. To all those who didn’t think Franklin, or Harmon were good enough, big enough, marquee enough for USC (you know who you are). They both seem to have their programs on the right track – and Harmon only in his second year, – we? Not so much.


  2. I guess this is as low as it gets I’m at the new Burlington store in Rialto and I found SC hats. Talk about bargain basement I gues when supplies exceed demand the team isn’t doing so good. The worst part was hearing a kid wanting the hat but the dad saying no because it’s not worth $4.00


      1. They were fresh out. But they had some Alabama TP it’s rough and tough and don’t take shiz of nobody.
        I checked at Walmart they have plenty of Trojan gear but they said nobody wants the bruins stuff so they don’t carry it. And they are selling tickets for games at the Rose Bowl bogo on groupon.


  3. Helton is likely taking advantage of the bye, and taking the team to the merry-go-round and pony rides at Griffith Park.

    No reason to work on execution…what’s wrong with 18 penalties?

    Helton has made USC irrelevant.


  4. Does coaching matter? You better believe it. Utah, with all the “stellar” talent, demolished Stanford which humiliated SC only a few weeks ago by the score of 40-21 tonight. How many points did SC score against The Tree? Oh yeah, “3” points by an enormous field goal! Can you imagine what Kyle Whittingham could do with the talent SC recruits? Oh, my…!!!


  5. Clay Helton is a big waste of space and the master at wasting talent. Thank you Lynn Swann…you worthless piece of garbage.

    Clay Helton contract extension…bonehead move if the decade.


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