Former USC Safety Kevin Ellison Dies

Kevin Ellison, a three-year starter at safety at USC, has died, according to multiple sources. He was 31.

The cause of death has not been announced.

Ellison, who played at Redondo High School, made 174 tackles, including 17.5 tackles for loss at USC. He deflected 18 passes with five interceptions.

He briefly played for the San Diego Chargers and Spokane Shock of the Arena Football League.

He was arrested in 2012 on federal arson charges in Spokane after telling investigators he set his bed ablaze with a marijuana-filled cigar because “God” told him to do it. During his 13-game stint with the Chargers, Ellison was arrested for suspected possession of a controlled substance. Police reportedly found more than 100 Vicodin pills in his vehicle.

Funeral services are pending.


5 thoughts on “Former USC Safety Kevin Ellison Dies

  1. Saw Cush’s IG post. Too bad. Sounds like there were some issues. RIP.

    On another note: Being an idle day for USC, I’ve noticed across ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL that players have all sorts of variations to socks, cleats, etc. Flow’s continual complaints of USC’s uniforms does not hold up. My two.


    1. So that means small things elsewhere ignored are the same as ‘the same’ at University Park?

      Small things matter…..Clay Helton has many ‘Achilles heels’ but ‘small things; is huge! He neglected to arrive in Austin to preview the stadium at TX. That speaks volumes of this clown’s ignorance of what separates an ‘average coach’ from a ‘top tier’ coach….’blank’ Helton and his ‘…come and get your love…’ mindset. He has no idea what it takes to prepare a team to ‘man up’ against an: AL, ‘the princess’, OH St….the victory over PA St. was due to Darnold as shown per that ‘berezina’ against TX ….

      Want more of the same? No, you don’t…ok well as long as this back end of a horse is ‘head coach’ at USC keep eating the skill set of this clown….reminds one of ‘Jimmah Carter’….hey Clay where’s your ‘cardigan’ sweater to match the goofy baseball cap on your head?


      1. Another former bozo FB player dies young, but Commie SUCC uses the thread to malign the bozo HFBC for the 2700th time.

        Commie SUCC has two friends in the world: a half-full bottle of vulgar boatman shellac vodka and his hand.

        Sorry to hear Mr. Ellison passed away.


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