Bubba Bolden Faced 28-Month Suspension At USC

USC safety Bubba Bolden, who is no longer enrolled in school, said on Instagram he left after facing a 28-month suspension.



9 thoughts on “Bubba Bolden Faced 28-Month Suspension At USC

  1. Another poor kid caught in the net of ‘pc’ – jocks do need to ‘reel in in’ but the non-athletes need to also ‘man up’ and let it go.

    Justice Kavanaugh was just confirmed in spite of the fanaticism and lies of the feminazis


    1. End of the world as we know it? I agreed with rusoviet on the man-up issue?
      My head hurts.
      At least we disagree on Kavanaugh who is a whiny Ivy league all-about-me bitch.
      And I thought you hated any high achievers, Rus.


  2. Well this all sounds extremely lame. If the reporters were SC students, that’s even more lame. Fuck that. The kid gets a 28 month suspension for being perceived as “threatening?!” Weak sauce. Where’s Helton trying to clean this up and stand behind his player?


    1. Not Helton, but the University bending over backwards to punish the football team. This is crazy. The school needs to wake up and act more like the real world.


      1. It sounds like a perfect case for defamation. I don’t care if it is USC to trash a career like this is stupid. Too bad he can’t get Glorified Alred on the case.
        This could wind up being a double bite in the ass for the football team if he winds up going to ND


  3. Welcome the the wonderful world of PC, USC.
    Your football team and therefore your Golden Goose is now being strangled by the PC Police because of the now infamous Lack of Institutional Control the NCAA pointed out many moons ago.
    We have entered an age of online education and an increasingly ridiculous level of concern to protect undergrads from “feeling threatened” on campus. Add to that the pension debt that Universities face and you have a formula for self-destruction of the University system as we knew it.
    Universities are doing all they can to eliminate the Greek system (as a group, the highest donors to any university) and now threatening the sports programs that fund their educational process.
    Our grandchildren will be taking Econ 101 online while watching minor league Pro football instead of going to The Rose Bowl.


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