USC Morning Buzz: Something Clay Helton Would Not Do

Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley fired defensive coordinator Mike Stoops on Sunday, following some rough defensive performances by the Sooners.

Can you imagine Clay Helton firing an assistant in midseason? How about firing one after the season?

Riley might not have won 18 straight home games or a Pac-12 South title, but he is showing he will get things done when he needs to do something. That’s leadership lacking at USC.


10 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Something Clay Helton Would Not Do

  1. His first hire as new head coach was the guy who is going to be the defensive coordinator in the interim. Who would take over Tee Martin and Bob Callaway?


  2. Indeed, Riley’s decision is a good example of decisive leadership. In last year’s NC game, Nick Saban gave us a good example of decisiveness in the “fog of war” when he benched JHurts at halftime, where he continues to sit. LSwann and CHelton haven’t figured out that when it comes to winning, the time is now.

    Einsteins definition of insanity: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

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  3. Truth to the story is boosters made this happen. Riley was just the man to deliver the news. This actually says more about the OK program vs USC than either coach.


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