Bubba Bolden No Longer At USC

Bubba Bolden, who was supposed to start the season opener at safety for USC, is no longer enrolled at USC.

This was the inevitable conclusion when Office of Title TX infractions are involved. Remember Bryce Dixon and Matt Boermeester?

No word yet on where Bolden will end up.

12 thoughts on “Bubba Bolden No Longer At USC

  1. Something got screwed up here, Flow. Yes, he had something going on. Then on Instagram he had posts alluding to coming back. Multiple posts with current teammates cheering him on with their comments. Then a week or 2 later, all his USC posts were deleted. Which is where the current situation sits. Sad.


  2. Not actually knowing what is alleged to have occurred, it’s not proper 2 draw any conclusions, but is USC the ONLY university that has players accused of things and they automatically BELIEVE the young lady??? If so, this is preposterous & totally UNFAIR to the USC athletes, especially if no actual violence or assault actually occurred… just saying… Again what recourse does an athlete at SC have if ANY young lady accuses him of ANYTHING??? Get kicked off team behind “he say – she say” issues where no one evidently was physically harmed or actually assaulted??? I’m for everyone’s protection (males & females), and NO PERSON should EVER be violated, INCLUDING THE USC ATHLETES! If USC’s Administration is gonna be so sensitive to an unproven accusation then, if I’m an unscrupulous rival school, (or person), I May simply “pay” ANY young “lady” enough $$$ to say anything about ANY high profile USC athlete knowing SC’s ADMIN, will probably cow-tow to public pressures or expectations… to kick the kid out of school or off the team… (just look at what some desperate folks tried 2 do to Judge Kavanaugh recently), Sad… AGAIN, IS USC’s the ONLY ADMINISTRATION that cow-toes to this??? IF so, what top athletes will want to come there if the folks in the football program don’t EDUCATE them about THEIR USC ADMINISTRATION ENVIRONMENT & ALSO HAVE THEIR BACK during any UNPROVEN OR UNWARRANTED accusations??? -PCPayne, Fight On.

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    1. When have USC athletes been targeted? How are they in danger? Unproven accusations? Weren’t Booermeister, Dixon, Osa Masina and Don Hill all convicted. Women need to be protected and respected and the university needs to be proactive in this. Standing by idly could lead to another scandal that the school doesn’t need. The facts will exonerate either the university or Bolden.


      1. Short answer no. They were investigated but the burden of proof was never met in a couple of cases. And in st least one case the alleged victim said it didn’t happen but the second hand voice of the accuser won the day.


  3. Direct legacy of the former ‘AD’ – none other than Pat Haden…he was pointed in embracing the perv ‘gay lifestyle’ agenda….his fingerprints are all over the disaster that USC athletics have fallen into.


  4. I don’t know about this case, but the University has booted the player in cases where the victim said nothing happened. It’s more like guilty because you are accused than getting things right. They actually told one of the females she was a victim because she was not interested in getting involved. She said the reported incident never happened. However a jealous tennis player wound up killing a career with his false report. The couple involved are still a couple.

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  5. But but but…Clay Helton supposedly stabilized the USC football program. How many players now have been suspended or kicked out of school altogether? You had a player jumping off a balcony to avoid police and busting his ankle. A kicker charged with sexual assault, another was just sentenced for burglary and so on and so on and so on.


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