Good Thing USC Rested During Bye Week

USC linebacker Cameron Smith is only 50-50 for the Colorado game with a strained hamstring. Center Toa Lobendahn practiced today after being out Wednesday with back spasms.

Didn’t USC practice two days last week so everybody would be ready to go?


13 thoughts on “Good Thing USC Rested During Bye Week

    1. Ha! We are only in Week 6 of the season. Those bruising games against UNLV, WSU, and Arizona, have really taken its toll on this football team. Two physical games in six weeks, and the coaches think we need some time off. Not good!


  1. Yeah! They should have practiced ONE day! Then again, you can get hurt in that one practice, can’t you? Geez. What to do? Get on it, Scottie!


    1. Couldn’t bring Ralphie because of the Typhus scale. Buffaloes are the #1 most efficient carrier. They worried that he’d spread to the team.


  2. Pete Carroll once said during a 60 Minutes interview “Practice harder than you ever practiced before” and looknhow those team turned out. Clay Helton portrays an Allan Iverson attitude.


  3. So the majority of you people want the Trojan players to practice and devote more time to the second rate coaching from Helton and his incompetent staff.

    What possible good could ever come from paying attention to lousy coaching?


  4. Helton is going to get rocked on Saturday night after having a bye week. There’s no excuse for losing to Colorado other than having a bad coaching staff. I read in today’s Los Angeles Times that Athletic Director, Lynn Swann, did not even want to comment upon the penalty fiasco involving Commissioner Scott’s staff at the WSU game. What the hell kind of an Athletic Director do you have who avoids commenting about corrupt officiating in college football (especially when it involves your own school !). When I read that, I just said to myself that Lynn Swann is more worthless that Lane Kiffin ever was. He must have learned this from former Athletic Director, Pat Haden, who refused to challenge the NCAA’s findings and penalties imposed in connection with the Reggie Bush case. Do these men not have dicks ?


  5. SCooter, we know that you have not played a sport because if you had, you would know that hamstrings can be very difficult to fix. There are various strains which range from a twitch to a server pull. Server pulls are dangerous because u can actually pull the muscle off the bone if not treated right. I had one and it took months to recoup. Be careful on what u write because u are not a doctor


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