Worst USC Tweet Ever?

It’s hard to believe USC used this video to honor Kevin Ellison, who suffered mental illness and family is donating his brain to be examined for CTE.


8 thoughts on “Worst USC Tweet Ever?

  1. At one time it would have been “hard to believe” USC would have used such an inappropriate video to honor one of it’s players, but then again today’s USC bears no resemblance to the USC that set the precedent for it’s glorified illustrious pedigree.


  2. I hate to admit it but the Wolfman is spot on with this. When I heard about his mental issues, this play is the first thing that came across my mind. A picture would have sufficed, or maybe a video of his INT to beat ASU in ’05.


  3. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what SCooter is trying to say here. In my eyes, Either SC is trying to show what a great player he was or that those type of shots lead him to mental damage. Please explain to me what Scottie sees and what I don’t. Thank you


  4. Old Trojan,

    You think their is a law suit, why and who does the family sue? I say that there is no law suit due to the fact that he knew what he was getting into and they would have to distinguish on when the problem started. I’m sorry that happened to him. We will see what happens


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